Possible Pattern?

Today’s AMNY had a very interesting article relating to subway shooting that took place in Astoria on Labor Day.

The article goes into detail about how the murder might be part of gang related activity. We also learn that the name of the victim, Jose Sierra turned out to be incorrect. The new name listed is Jose Nava. Here is the entire article courtesy of AMNY:

The slaying of an immigrant dishwasher in a Queens subway station may be part of a larger pattern of gang attacks, police sources told Newsday.

Jose Nava, 19, was attacked in the early morning of Sept. 3, Labor Day, as he headed home to the Bronx from his job at a Greek restaurant in Astoria.

The Mexican immigrant, whom police initially identified as Jose Sierra, was set upon in the mezzanine of the Broadway station by up to six gang members who beat, stabbed and shot him before fleeing.

The suspects — who police sources said are members of Los Traviesos, Spanish for “The Troublemakers” — saw that Nava was wearing rosary beads and mistook the religious items for his membership in a gang, as some gangs wear such beads, the sources said.

Nava had no criminal record and was not in a gang, police said. He spent his days working 11-hour shifts, sending whatever money he could back to his family in Puebla, Mexico.

Three Bronx men — Jose Alvarez, 20, Emanuel Ramirez-Hernandez, 23, and Nicolas Reyes, 20 — were arrested later in the week, and all were charged with second-degree murder. They are being held without bail. Their lawyers could not be reached for comment.

Since then, the sources said, Alvarez has admitted to involvement in the June 4 shooting of a man at the Elder Avenue station, along the No. 6 line in the Bronx.

Jesus Soto, 29, who was shot once in the chest and suffered a collapsed left lung, survived. Police said Soto was shot after he and a friend accidentally bumped into the gunman and an accomplice on the train. The sources said detectives expect to charge Alvarez in that incident next week.

Nava’s killing in Astoria remains an open case as detectives press the search for up to three more suspects, including the man believed to have shot Nava.

In an unrelated gang killing in Jackson Heights, police arrested Gregorio Naxi, 23, of Elmhurst, on Tuesday night. Naxi was charged with second-degree murder and criminal weapons possession in the shooting Sunday night of Ceasar Romero, 27, on Roosevelt Avenue.

The shooting, which sources said may have involved a drug dispute between two gangs, occurred in an Operation Impact zone, one of a number of areas throughout the city that the NYPD floods with rookie police officers to create a visible presence and try to deter street crime.

What a shame that people have to be careful with what they wear! The world we live in today is so sad!

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A, B, C, & D Service Alert

The MTA has posted a service alert which pertains to the , , , & trains. The service alert reads:

Due to emergency track at the 81st Street Station, Inwood-bound trains and Norwood-bound trains are running local between the 59th Street-Columbus Circle Station and the 145th Street Station.

Please expect delays in service on the , , and trains at this time.

I am assuming a lack of & trains are running if the & are forced to run local.

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More Subway Drama….

Unfortunately the drama of the subway surfer detailed here was just the beginning.

Yesterday, The Subway Blogger broke the story of being by the scene of more transit chaos in what turned out to be a subway stabbing. Here is an article about the incident courtesy of Newsday:

A multiple stabbing on a subway platform on an otherwise perfect late summer day stunned Morningside Heights residents, who crowded around the Cathedral Parkway stop looking for answers.

Three men, described as around 18 years old, got into a fight on an uptown train at 59th Street that eventually spilled out onto the sidewalk at 110th Street and Broadway.

Parents nervously called their own teenagers as middle school students from the nearby School at Columbia University, a K-8 school sponsored by the university, recounted to police officers and reporters what they had witnesses as classes let out for the day.

“A guy with a red shirt ran out, he’d been stabbed in the side and he stopped right there,” one of the youths said, pointing to his school down the street. “I guess he thought it would be safe or something.”

For some, the incident revealed a larger problem.

“This is a grassroots problem,” said Shira Dicker, 45, of Morningside Heights. “Anybody who rides the rails knows that the kids are a real menace.”

For others, it was merely a nuisance.

“Ah!” said an elderly woman who would only give her name as Barbara when she saw the yellow police tape around the station. “This is the train I take to get to Macy’s.”

I guess I picked the right day not to ride the subways!

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So That’s What Happened!

Yesterday morning I posted a MTA Service Alert that pertained to the N, Q, & R trains. As usual the service alert was vague on details. However details are now available as to what happened courtesy of this entry from Second Avenue Sagas.

As Ron Simmons would say, DAMN!

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N, Q, & R Service Alert

The MTA has posted a new service alert which might be of interest to riders of the , , & trains. The service alert reads:

Due to a police investigation at the DeKalb Avenue Station, 57th Street-bound trains and Forest Hills-bound trains are running on the line from the DeKalb Avenue Station to the Canal Street Station.

Please expect delays in service on the , and trains at this time.

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