Riding & Thinking……

I had been looking forward to this past Saturday for over a month. Saturday marked the cd release party for the super talented & amazing person Jackie Pop. The party was being held at The Bitter End so this would be a one seat ride for yours truly. The plan was to take the 6 to Bleecker Street & walk down Bleecker for a few blocks.

I left a little later than I had wanted but I felt confident I’d make good time. I sat across from a man who was carrying a guitar case. Judging by the shape of it, I assumed he was carrying an electric guitar. My assumption proved right as out of nowhere he pulls his guitar out & starts practicing to himself. People were casually watching as he practiced to himself as if he was in his own private room.

While watching him, I started to think about how fitting it was to see someone playing since I was going to a show. I also started to think about how I should start playing regularly again. My guitar has sat in the corner for way too long! While thinking about this, I noticed we were at a stop that made me think even more. Someone who lives by the stop has been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe I can start writing again to go along with playing…..

I was considering getting off at 125th Street to try & shave a couple of minutes off my commute. I however decided I wouldn’t because I noticed it was about a 5 minute difference until the 4 would arrive after my train would. However when the train pulled into 125th Street, a 5 train was waiting for us with its doors open. I decided to switch to the 5. My intention was to try & catch the 6 train in front of the one I departed. We made some good time but no 6 was in sight when I got off at 14th Street-Union Square. When the 6 did arrive it ended up being the same one I had departed at 125th Street. I did chuckle when I saw the guy with his guitar again. He had it packed away though.

The ride back was interesting as well. I ended up catching the 6 at 14th Street-Union Square. I rode the train with one of my favorite friends Lisa. She got off at Grand Central-42nd Street so it was time for some music. The ride was going quite smoothly until we hit the Bronx. When we did my mind which had already been in a certain state started to overload from thinking so much. I was about to pass that stop again so I thought of that same person again. The last thing I noticed was someone sitting on a platform bench & randomly throwing up as the train entered & left the station. What is with me seeing people vomit on the platform every time I have been on the 6 at night lately!

In case you were wondering, Jackie’s party kicked ass & was a huge success. My suggestion to you after reading this is to go buy the cd as you won’t regret it! The cd can be purchased here!

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