Subway Pervert Arrested

Well that was fast…. Early yesterday afternoon I blogged about the disgusting subway pervert who looked up the skirt of a woman he eventually threw down the stairs & assaulted. Fast forward a few hours later & the disgusting pervert identified as 61 year old James Barnes of Brooklyn has been arrested. Ashley Edwards of […]

Cops Looking For Subway Pervert

A picture of the man cops say put his head up the skirt & eventually assaulted a woman at the DeKalb Ave train station. Cops are on the lookout for a subway pervert who put his head up the skirt of a woman who was walking up the stairs to exit the DeKalb Ave station. […]

Subway Booth Clerk Rubbing The Wrong Way

I guess someone was feeling frisky late on Tuesday as Harold Sisselman, a 51 year old subway booth clerk was caught rubbing his penis out in the open by 2 passengers. Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News has more: A subway token booth clerk was charged with public lewdness for allegedly polishing something […]

Bedbugs Strike Again

At the rate this is going, I will probably need to make a category for all these bedbug stories! The disgusting & useless animals have once again been sighted on a NYC Subway. This time the unfortunate victim is the . Since last Wednesday, MTA NYC Transit has had to take 3 trains out of […]

Fiction That Is So Real….

Normally it is all about the news here on Transit Blogger but I just had to share this video a friend of mine posted on Facebook. I can’t believe I have never seen it before. While it is fiction, it sure feels real to us NYC Subway regulars! Post by Most Viral Videos. xoxo Transit […]