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NY Times Writer Says MTA Needs A Champion

We all know the story, the MTA is in a deep financial crisis. The crisis is so bad that they might increase the initial planned fare hikes & add service cuts/eliminations to the mix. This is due to them not knowing where the money will come from to help close an over $1 billion dollar […]

Drivers Promise Civil Disobedience If They Lose Toll Rebate

10 days ago the MTA held its monthly board meeting. However this was not the typical meeting as this one featured budget proposals to help trim an over $1 billion dollar budget deficit. I outlined the specific proposals which included the elimination of the Cross Bay Bridge toll rebate program. The proposal has been met […]

Boy Falls Into Gap At Peekskill Station

This past Friday, a young boy fell into the gap at the Metro-North’s Peeksill station. Here is more from the Associated Press: A Metro-North Railroad spokesman says a boy has fallen into a gap between a train and platform in Westchester County, but the child was quickly pulled out unhurt. Railroad spokesman Dan Brucker says […]

Metro-North May Cut 4 Trains

On Friday, word came out that the Metro-North may cut 4 trains. To be more specific, the Connecticut Department Of Transportation is considering the elimination of 4 off peak trains on the New Haven Line. The line is owned by the DOT which must approve any service changes or fare increases. Martin B. Cassidy of […]

Service Diversions 11/29

I apologize for not getting these up sooner. I have been extremely tied up with the holiday weekend. I have just updated the service diversions page with the latest scheduled diversions for this weekend & next week (and beyond in some cases). Don’t forget to check in for any changes to the page. I also […]