Nassau County

Officals Want MTA Tax Repealed For Colleges

The much maligned MTA Payroll Tax is back in the news again. The tax which was created in 2009 as part of a $2.3 billion state bailout for the transit agency has never been popular with masses. When it first debuted, many businesses & counties themselves rallied against it & even sued questioning the constitutionality […]

Nassau County Must Pay MTA $20 Million

The battle between the MTA & Nassau County has reached a new level. The two normally battle it out over the county’s routine shortchange of funding for Long Island bus, but this time it was over money owed from a loan. 15 years ago, the MTA agreed to lend the county $51M dollars & in […]

MTA Offers To Keep LI Bus Running For 1 Year

As the contentious battle between the MTA & Nassau County continues over the funding of Long Island Bus, the much maligned transit agency has made an offer to keep running the service for one year. However it does come with some strict guidelines which includes the guarantee of the county fully funding it before County […]

PPV Main Event: Staten Island vs Nassau County

Two days ago, I wrote about the MTA’s plans to potentially cut its share of funding for Long Island Bus due to its budget crisis. The oft-neglected service has been routinely shafted in terms of funding by the very county it mainly serves. Current Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano who ran on a platform of […]

TSTC Wonders About The Future Of L.I. Bus

The big news over the last 24 hours is the MTA’s intention to cut funding to the often neglected Long Island Bus due to its current financial crisis. The story has made headlines throughout online & offline media outlets. The Tri-State Transportation Campaign is the latest to look into it via an entry by Ryan […]