Amtrak To Replace East River Tunnel Tracks

Earlier today, the MTA announced that Amtrak will begin replacing all 4 tracks in the East River Tunnel. For those of us who ride Amtrak or the LIRR, this is a project that is long overdue. Here is more information courtesy of a press release: The MTA Long Island Rail Road announced today, at a […]

Sunnyside Rail Hub To Be Overhauled

If you have ever rode Amtrak or especially the LIRR through the Sunnyside area of Queens, you would notice how many of the trains tend to crawl through at a snail’s place. This bottleneck mainly stems from older switches & functions that could use a serious upgrade. If the MTA has its way, these desires […]

Reduced LIRR Service Due To Amtrak Derailment

Once again, Amtrak issues will be causing absolute nightmares for Long Island Rail Road commuters. Due to an Amtrak derailment in one of the East River tunnels, the LIRR has been forced to cancel or divert a quarter of its AM rush westbound trains. Here are the details courtesy of a press release they issued: […]

Amtrak To Announce Gateway Tunnel Project

What the Gateway Tunnel would look like if built out. Photo courtesy of The Star-Ledger via Amtrak & Google Maps. Over the past month, one of the biggest stories in our region was the death of the ARC project by Gov. Christie under the disguise of fiscal responsibility. The tunnel which would have helped increase […]

Will Obama/Biden White House Really Help Amtrak

Ever since Barack Obama tapped Delaware Senator Joseph Biden as his vice presidential nominee, much has been made of how Amtrak would benefit from an Obama/Biden White House. The general point being how it has been heavily publicized that Joe uses Amtrak to commute daily to & from Washington D.C. The main point stems from […]