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Bus Reroute Benefits MTA Chairman

10 days ago New York Daily News writer Nicholas Hirshon wrote a story about the reroute of the Q54. So what is so special about a reroute to a bus route that compelled him to write a story? Well it is because this was not just a normal reroute but one that benefits MTA Chairman […]

City Council Holds Hearing About Rider Report Cards

10 days ago the City Council held a hearing to look into the MTA’s “Rider Report Cards” initiative which received only a 7% response to the 700,000 cards that were distributed. Here is a brief article about the hearing courtesy of The New York Sun: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s “rider report cards” are the subject […]

MTA To Test Wi-Fi Technology At 80 Subway Entrances

This past November, Caroline McCarthy broke the news of a deal between CBS & the MTA on her blog on CNET called “The Social”. The deal between the two parties would bring free wi-fi service to a 36 block chunk of midtown. In case you missed the article, here it is courtesy of “The Social“: […]

LIRR Turns To Celebrity Voices To Get Their Messages Out

Continuing with the theme of news that happened 9 days ago, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) issued a press release highlighting the use of celebrity voices. The agency turned to a few celebrity voices to help spread the messages of “Mind Their Cell-Phone Manners” & “Watch The Gap” to riders. Here is the full […]

LIRR Rider 1 – Criminals 0

10 nights ago, 4 criminals hanging around the Island Park station thought they found the perfect mark to rob. However by time the incident was over, 4 criminals disappeared into the middle of the night failing to take one item. The incident started when a man got off a Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) train […]