New Jersey

NJ Transit Train Strikes Vehicle

Photo of the NJ Transit train & crushed Hyundai Sonata courtesy of Twitter user @andrewtavani. Approximately 400 passengers & crew on a northbound NJ Transit train had a nightmarish commute Thursday night after their train hit a car in Patterson. Paul Milo of has more: A train struck a vehicle in Paterson Thursday night, […]

TSTC Says The Lincoln Tunnel Needs A Second Exclusive Bus Lane

For the thousands of riders who depend on buses to get them from Upstate New York & New Jersey to Manhattan know, the exclusive bus lane in & approaching the Lincoln Tunnel is a blessing. The lane cuts travel time by up to 20 minutes when compared to using the non-exclusive lanes in & approaching […]

TSTC Wants You To Help Support “ARC”

One of the tri-state area’s leading transit advocates is the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. They recently asked tri-state area residents to contact their local officials to help a bill which would help New Jersey fund its portion of the “ARC” tunnel project. The project would build a second rail tunnel below the Hudson River, connecting New […]

So Which Is It?

Over the last few days, conflicting reports have come out about New Jersey Transit (NJT, NJ Transit) service on the Raritan Valley line. One report stated how local & state officials were meeting to discuss the possibility of creating train service from Easton, Pennsylvania to New York City. Here is that report courtesy of The […]

The Sopranos & Model Trains

I was browsing local news sites & found an interesting piece on the model trains used in The Sopranos. I have to admit I never got into the show so I had no idea trains played a roll in the show. The only thing I watched was the series finale’s ending as for some reason […]