Extreme Commuter

A New Extreme Commuter

As you know by now, I am a big fan of the AMNY Extreme Commuter series which highlights the extreme commutes which some tri-state residents go through to get to & from work. AMNY’s Marlene Naanes has posted a report about the latest extreme commuter who travels from Queens to Connecticut. Here is Marlene’s report […]

Most Extreme Commuter Yet

As you might recall, I have blogged about the AMNY feature “Extreme Commuter” which showcases riders who have extreme daily commutes. Today’s extreme commuter in my opinion deserves the championship belt for the most extreme commute if such a belt existed. Marlene Naanes of AMNY has brought us a new extreme commuter today & his […]

A New AMNY “Extreme Commuter”

Last month, I wrote an entry about a feature AMNY started called “Extreme Commuter”. Well AMNY is back with a new member of the “Extreme Commuter” team whose daily commute features the use of 3 different transit systems going across two state lines while traveling through 3 states! Here is the article showcasing the newest […]

What A Nightmare Commute!

Today’s edition of AMNY has an exclusive story on the nightmare commute of airport worker Miguel Diaz. The paper feels his daily commute qualifies him to be called an “AMNY Extreme Commuter”. After reading his story, I can’t disagree with the paper’s designation for him. Mr. Diaz’s commute starts in Williamsburg at the Marcy Avenue […]