Service Alerts

Staten Island Half Marathon Service Info

The MTA just released a service advisory in relation to Staten Island half marathon taking place this weekend. Here are the details that I was sent: The Staten Island Half Marathon will be held on Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018 from 8 a.m. to noon.  Scheduled just three weeks before the TCS New York City Marathon, […]

Metro North To Run Reduced Schedule

The first snowstorm of 2018 has come & gone and left quite the mess behind. The MTA faced delays throughout the system in the various forms offered to riders. Due to the conditions from the storm, the MTA Metro-North has announced it will be running a reduced schedule. Here are the complete details via the […]

A Train Derailment Service Update #3

Here is the latest service update: Due to a train derailment at 125 St the following service changes are in effect:  trains are running local in Brooklyn and Manhattan between Canal St and 168 St in both directions. Some northbound  trains are running express from Canal St to 59 St-Columbus Circle. There is free shuttle bus service operating between 59 St-Columbus Circle and 145 St in both directions.  trains are […]

LIRR W/B Service Suspended Into Penn Station

Once again riders of the busiest commuter railroad agency in the country are at the mercy of others. LIRR riders are facing a rough commute home this evening with delays on every line along with the complete suspension of westbound service into Penn Station due to Amtrak issues. The issues started this morning when an […]

Buses Replace 2 Port Jervis Trains

This Friday, buses will replace 2 trains on the Port Jervis line so the agency can perform some work near Tuxedo. Here is more via the press release I received: MTA Metro-North Railroad today announced that buses will substitute for two trains on the railroad’s Port Jervis Line between Port Jervis and Ramsey Route 17 […]