Subway Service Cut Due To Bullshit

Sadly the MTA is the latest agency and/or company to push the bullshit lies about a mass outbreak of Covid. The agency is cutting subway service this week due to a lack of crews stemming from employees not being available to work. Do you want to know why these workers are not available?

Because they like many others in DEMOCRAT run hellholes keep foolishly going out to get tested with either ZERO symptoms or if they have flu like symptoms which is what this is. Let us not also forget the people who are getting sick are those who were STUPID enough to take an experimental jab that is being peddled as a vaccine when under legal definitions, it is NOT!

Nezwsflash people, the jab you are taking is still experimental & not approved. If you took 5 minutes to look up the facts, NO vaccine has been fully approved. All they did was extend the EUA. The facts trump your feelings clueless sheep!


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