Fare Hike

MTA Board Approves Limited Fare Increases

In what comes as no surprise. the MTA Board has approved limited fare & toll increases. Here are the details via the official press release I received: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Board today approved increasing fares and tolls by 4% over the next two years, fulfilling a promise to keep fare and toll increases […]

MTA Announces Limited Fare/Toll Proposals

Just a short time ago, the MTA announced limited fare & toll proposals. Here are the details: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today unveiled proposals to increase fares and tolls by 4% over the next two years. Despite rising operational costs, the MTA’s continued budget discipline and increased ridership allow the MTA to limit fare […]

A Sneak Peak At Upcoming MTA Fare Hikes

With 2013 only a few weeks away, the time draws closer for the inevitable MTA fare hikes. For those who stay in touch with transit news, this comes as no surprise as we have known that 2013 would see increases across the board. While official numbers have yet to be put out by the agency […]

Fare Hike Is Inevitable……

The big talk of lately in the transit world revolves around the eventual fare hikes that will come our way. Yesterday morning, MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota spoke at a breakfast forum sponsored by Crain’s New York Business. At the forum, he spoke of what us in the know already knew, rising health care & pension […]

Bus & Subway Fare Hikes Start Dec 30th

Lastly, here is a brief press release about the upcoming fare hikes for NYC Buses & Subways: The base fare for individual rides on New York City Transit’s buses, subways and Access-A-Ride vehicles remains at $2.25. For subway and bus trips only, the reduced fare for seniors and the disabled is $1.10. However, the single-ride […]