Transit News

U.S. Railroad Strike Averted

Some great news to start the day as the pending U.S. railroad strike that would have affected the entire country has been averted. Fake news is giving credit to the Biden administration for helping get this done. However I will break the news that it really was done through back channels of the Trump administration […]

Ex-MTA Czar Leaked Confidential Information

The leaking or confidential information especially on the higher levels of agencies, corporations, governments, etc… are common. So it comes as no surprise to find out that an ex-MTA czar was leaking confidential information. The leaker in this case was former czar Alex Elegudin who violated ethic rules when giving advance notice to a contractor […]

MTA & TWU Local 100 Reach New Deal

Even though it was nearly 14 years to the date, the last NYC Transit strike still resonates with me. I recall being out there providing exclusive coverage from picket lines and providing that for my readers here on Transit Blogger. While such an occurrence did not seem to be in the cards this time around, […]

Gov. Cuomo Halts L Train Shutdown

If you look up the words clueless & idiot in the dictionary, you would see a picture of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Okay while this is not true, I & many others feel it should be especially after his decision to halt the impending train shutdown a.k.a. L-pocalypse. The surprising announcement came at a […]

MTA To Buy Grand Central Terminal

The other big news to come out of the MTA meetings on Tuesday was the agency announcing that it plans on purchasing Grand Central Terminal along with the Metro North’s Harlem & Hudson lines.  The total cost for these purchases is $35M & was approved by the financial committee & will be put to the […]