Ex-MTA Czar Leaked Confidential Information

The leaking or confidential information especially on the higher levels of agencies, corporations, governments, etc… are common. So it comes as no surprise to find out that an ex-MTA czar was leaking confidential information. The leaker in this case was former czar Alex Elegudin who violated ethic rules when giving advance notice to a contractor that their bid was going to fail. David Meyer of the New York Post has more:

The former accessibility czar for New York City’s subways and buses quit last year after he violated ethics rules by giving an MTA contractor advance notice that its bid was going to be rejected — while firing off emails to transit officials imploring them to reconsider, the agency’s inspector general revealed Thursday.

Alex Elegudin leaked the impending decision on Curb Mobility’s bid to operate taxis for disabled New Yorkers to a company exec, Jason Gross, in August 2020 — at the same time the contract selection committee met to make its final call, informing him that Curb’s bid was too expensive, IG Carolyn Pokorny said.

Gross proceeded to call his designated contact on the committee, claiming he’d accidentally submitted incorrect price figures.

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As I said it comes as no surprise that the agency dealt with leaks as it is bound to happen. What is unfortunate is how Alex weaseled his way out the door before being properly dealt with.

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