Transportation Funding

34th St Corridor Plan Gets $18M Grant

Anyone who has traveled on 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan knows just how much of a nightmare bus service is. Unfortunately walking does not offer much relief as the sidewalks are just as pack as the street itself. It has been long known that NYC wants to change the layout of this busy thoroughfare via […]

Federal Aid Could Starve Off Transit Cuts

The majority of service cuts approved by the MTA to deal with a huge budget deficit are looming. While some cuts such as those on the LIRR have already gone into effect, legislation unveiled yesterday in Washington D.C. could help starve off cuts. Let us first take a look at the report from Washington D.C. […]

MTA Receives $2 Million Federal Grant

Earlier today, the MTA announced it received a $2 million federal grant for the installation of centrally controlled 3rd rail heaters. Here are the complete details courtesy of a press release sent to me by the MTA: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced today it has received $2 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act […]

Slush Fund Shortchanges NYC Riders

For those of us who live in the city, there is a familiar tune that repeats itself time & time again regardless of the subject. The tune I am referring to is the shortchanging of New York City residents versus their suburban counterparts. So it should come as no surprise that $190M of a $240M […]

How The MTA Fuels The Upstate Economy

Earlier this month, Tri-State Transportation Campaign Associate Director Veronica Vanterpool posted a must read entry about how the MTA helps fuel the upstate economy including regions they do not provide any service in. Here is a sneak peak: Not surprisingly, most of the debate over the MTA’s financial problems has occurred in the MTA’s 12-county […]