Transportation Funding

How The MTA Fuels The Upstate Economy

Earlier this month, Tri-State Transportation Campaign Associate Director Veronica Vanterpool posted a must read entry about how the MTA helps fuel the upstate economy including regions they do not provide any service in. Here is a sneak peak: Not surprisingly, most of the debate over the MTA’s financial problems has occurred in the MTA’s 12-county […]

Democratic Leaders In Albany Support Ravitch Tax Plan

It has been a couple of months since the Ravitch Commission released all of its proposals to help the MTA fix its budget woes & create dependable sources of revenue. This blog & many others have gone over the plan & offered our opinions on it. My readers know that I was not impressed with […]

Potential Stimulus Package = More Of The Same

As I wrote about, one of the major issues overlooked in last year’s presidential election was the investment into our country’s mass transit infrastructure. I personally voted for the Obama/Biden ticket for many reasons with one of them being that they would be more serious about investing in mass transit. The news seemed to reflect […]

MTA Delighted With Gov. Patterson

In the previous entry, I wrote about Gov. Patterson clearly understanding the need for the state to invest in its infrastructure, especially mass transit. During his first State of the State address, he made it clear that the state needs to invest in mass transit including the completion of such major projects as East Side […]

Gov. Patterson Clearly Gets It

For many years, the mass transit riders of New York were led by a governor who did not understand or care to for that matter the need for proper funding of our transit infrastructure. This seemed to change when Elliot Spitzer took over but we all know how that ended. Thankfully his replacement, David Patterson […]