MTA Holds First Fare Hike Public Hearing

In what my opinion comes as nothing but theater, the MTA held the first public hearing on what will most likely be the latest fare hike aka financial burden for the region.

My good friend Greg Mocker of Pix 11 has more:

Since 2009, fare and toll increases have been budgeted by the MTA. At the November meeting, the board reviews the next budget and announces the proposals.

The Board will discuss and vote on the plans in January. It is set to take effect in March.

There are two options for subway and bus riders. The base fare could increase to $3 or stay the same. The bonus from pay-per-ride swipes would be eliminated in that case.

Railroad riders would see a 3.85 percent maximum increase for weekly and monthly tickets. There would be a cap of $15 for monthly and $5.75 for weekly tickets with no increase for passes above $500.

Click here for the complete report.

I find it hard to believe we won’t see a fare increase as it seems overdue based on the MTA’s history. Now whether the increase is justified is a completely different story when you look at the amount & quality of service received. While I find the subway still a bargain at its current prices, the real losers are suburban commuters who pay extremely high prices for subpar service with no end of such misery in sight.

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