What A Nightmare Commute!

Today’s edition of AMNY has an exclusive story on the nightmare commute of airport worker Miguel Diaz. The paper feels his daily commute qualifies him to be called an “AMNY Extreme Commuter”. After reading his story, I can’t disagree with the paper’s designation for him.

Mr. Diaz’s commute starts in Williamsburg at the Marcy Avenue stop on the J, M, & Z lines. He takes the J or Z to Broadway Junction where he transfers to the A train to Howard Beach. When he arrives at Howard Beach, he hops on AirTrain to Terminal 4 at JFK Airport. Unfortunately his commute does not end there as he works in Hanger 81 which is only a short distance from Terminal 4. The problem for him & others who work there is the fact that there is no pedestrian access to the hanger. So when he & others arrive at Terminal 4, they must catch the Q3 to take them to the hanger.

The problems tend to start for Mr. Diaz & others when they get off from work during the overnight hours. At that time of night, the Q3 runs only once an hour. So sometimes he & others have to wait an hour just to get on a bus to take them to the trains to get them home. For someone like Mr. Diaz this is a nightmare as it takes about an hour for him just to get to Terminal 4 alone!

I seriously think the MTA needs to do something about this problem. While I know not everyone can get perfect service to suit their needs, something can be done to fix an obvious problem for a lot of airport workers. They should not have to endure commutes like this where a simple ride to a train station could save 45+ minutes off their commute due to poor scheduling. Hopefully the MTA will do what’s right here although that is always a dicey proposition.

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I understand this situation perfectly. I had found some cool job openings, but they’re at night time and the bus schedule aren’t good at all at night, so I end up not having the job.

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