Woman Attacked At 34th St Subway Station

The MTA is doing its best to entice riders to come back & use the system throughout the region with various discounts that will begin in the coming months. However all the discounts in the world will not be enough to get them back riding if the crime especially on the NYC Subway is not addressed by the city.

The latest incident to garner attention is the attack of Thai model Bew Jirajariyawetch at the 34th Street station in Manhattan last month. Nikolas Lanum of Fox News has more:

An aspiring 23-year-old Thai model spoke out on Friday after being viciously attacked and robbed on a New York City subway platform in November.

“What happened to me is not supposed to happen to anyone at all,” said Bew Jirajariyawetch during an appearance on “Fox & Friends First.”

Jirajariyawetch said she hoped the man responsible would be arrested “as soon as possible” so that further attacks would not happen to anyone else.

Despite MTA surveillance footage of the attack from two separate cameras, Jirajariyawetch said she often wonders why no arrests have been made in connection with her attack.

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What is highly concerning is how easily this lowlife was able to commit the heinous act. The camera footage is subpar at best which is something the agency needs to address overall. The biggest issue in terms of identifying the suspect is the fact his face his hidden behind a stupid face diaper. Enough is enough, stop wearing them as they NEVER protected you from a damn thing. Secondly it is a severe safety concern when it comes to criminals wearing them while committing crimes in the system.

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