So Who Won?

A big question going around some circles in the city is “So who won”? This question relates to the 2 day taxi strike that ended this morning at 5 a.m.

The answer you will get to the question depends on who you ask. City officials claimed the strike was a nonevent. However New York Taxi Workers Alliance director Bhairavi Desai called the two day strike a success. Mayor Bloomberg felt the strike had a limited impact in part because of the city’s contingency plan. The two sides have been bickering for the last 48 hours about the amount of drivers who went on strike.

I have no idea how the strike really went down because I chose to stay off the subways as I mentioned in the taxi strike entry. Since all of my business & errands were local the last few days, the strike was not going to cause any problems to me.

I will say one thing though, didn’t the bickering between both sides about the strike statistics remind you of grade school? I know it sure did to me!

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