Local Politician Vs. Vehicles That Block Buses

NYC councilwoman Gail Brewer wants to tackle vehicles that block buses. She released a report which contained among many, an idea to install cameras on NYC buses. The cameras would enable buses to photograph vehicles illegally parked in bus lanes. Afterwards the owners of such vehicles would get mailed a summons for illegally parking in bus lanes. The idea is similar to the system currently in place that photographs vehicles who run red lights.

Here is an article about her proposal courtesy of AMNY:

on board bus cameras could be trained on illegally parked cars, ultimately helping to ease city traffic, a councilwoman proposed Sunday.

Gail Brewer released a report that offered the camera idea as well as others meant to cut congestion and convince people to leave their cars at home.

The on board camera could photograph license plates of cars parked in bus lanes, she proposed. Drivers would then get a summons just like motorists who run red-light cameras, the report said.

Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh (D-Manhattan) introduced a bill for on board cameras earlier this year.

Brewer’s report also recommends using Smart Cards universally to pay for bus fare. Such cards, which are already in use on Lexington line subway stations, are already scheduled for testing on MTA buses next year.

The report sprung from a public hearing she hosted in March 2006 that included constituents and MTA representatives.

Brewer said installing the technology before a congestion-pricing plan takes effect — or even without it — could encourage people to use mass transit.

On Staten Island, the MTA and the city are already testing devices that would let buses change red lights to green as they approach intersections, MTA spokesman Jeremy Soffin said.

The MTA is also testing a new GPS system that shows riders waiting at shelters the location of the next bus.

“Clearly, New York City Transit is committed to exploring and deploying those technologies that can assist us in meeting our mission to providing the best quality service we can to the 2.5 million average weekday riders who rely on our buses,” Soffin said.

I for one support the idea as the illegal parking in bus lanes is out of control! I have always noticed how many drivers have a lack of respect for mass transit vehicles who are depended on by millions every day! Anything that can lower that lack of respect should be seen as a good thing. Maybe a hit to the wallet will have these rule breakers think twice before committing an illegal action!

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