Welcome To TransitBlogger.com

I would like to take this moment to welcome everyone to TransitBlogger.com TransitBlogger.com will be the official home for my transit blog. The story of how this site came to be is quite interesting. As many of you know, I run Eye On Transit. I originally had my blog built within the layout of EOT.

I closed EOT temporarily as I decided to completely reconstruct the site to make it more search engine & user friendly. Plus I felt it needed a lighter look to go along with the current season. While working on EOT, I ran into some difficult problems incorporating a search engine friendly blog within my layout. After trying just about every possible solution including recoding from scratch, I had just about gave up on making the blog search engine friendly.

A few days ago while looking up domains, I noticed that TransitBlogger.com was available to register. I was quite shocked by this & did not hesitate to register it. Although I wanted the blog to be incorporated within EOT, I am quite satisfied with my new blog home. Quite honestly I think it might be for the best so there is no competition between the blog & my transit photos.

While I have not been the best at updating my blog often enough, I plan on changing that. So sit down & enjoy the ride as I take you into the world of transit one entry at a time!

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