Let Me Introduce The Two Of You

I’ll be honest upfront. I completely forgot to blog about the events of November 29, 2005. I’ll do so now as I’m finishing the site on this early Christmas morning. November 29, 2005 was the first day the public got to see the R160B in person. The event was being held at the Hoyt/Schermerhorn station between the hours of 2PM & 7PM.

I knew I would be at this event one way or another since I no longer lived in a cave. Over the years I haven’t had luck in attending any events such as this, MOD trips, etc… as getting to them was difficult or sometimes out of the question. Since I had moved down to the Bronx, I knew attending would be possible.

The event had a double purpose as it also would be the first event for my new camera. The plan was to arrive early so I could avoid the possible huge crowds of kids after school & people leaving work. I

I arrived a short time after 2PM. As the train I was on pulled into the station, I saw the car sitting there in all its glory. When I departed the train, I figured I’d hop up a staircase & down another. I was wrong however & ended up having to ask someone how to get to the normally unused platform.

I eventually found my own way & went down the stairs slowly as I wanted to soak in the entire atmosphere. When I reached the platform, I was approached by an employee who asked if I wanted to take a survey after checking out the display. I agreed & took my survey on board.

I boarded the train & was blown away by how hi-tech the new display looked. I was very impressed with the layout of the display as well as its clarity. The next step for me was to find a spot where I could take a seat. I wanted a seat so I could fill out the survey as well as take out the camera for some pictures.

I took a ton of pictures as I was testing out different settings on the camera as well as trying to catch the ever changing display. I eventually got all the shots I needed & decided to head to the transit museum store. I asked someone what time it closed & was given misinformation. When I arrived at the doors to the museum store, I was told they were closed.

Since I couldn’t get what I wanted from the store, I decided to go back to the Hoyt/Schermerhorn station & continue to test out the camera. In the end, I took a ton of shots & was quite happy with the results.

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