Giving Me The Chills………

My sister sent me an e-mail while she was at work. She wanted to know if I had seen the story about the man found dead on the subway tracks at the Essex St. station on the J, M, & Z. She assumed I would want to blog about it. As I was preparing to thank her for the tip while letting her know I had already blogged about it, I read something that gave me the chills.

She was reminding me about a conversation we had a few days ago. In that conversation, she had mentioned a dream she had which involved a man being on the tracks. What gave me the chills is when she reminded me that the dream she had specifically featured a man on the tracks at a J train station. She did not know what station the dream took place in but remembered it was a stop the J train made. This conversation took place within the last 2-4 days so it is chilling to hear about this incident.

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It surprises me that anyone would even be shocked by something like this any more. Don’t get me wrong, finding a dead body would be unpleasant and certainly “creepy” like you said. But it is, New York City and it seems to me that there is a lot of that there.

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