Got Me Thinking

While I was taking a shower, I was engaging in a typical activity. I find myself looking out my window as I’m taking a shower. Yesterday was no different when I noticed something that made me think of this blog. While I was looking out the window, I noticed a car idle in the BxM6 express bus stop. As soon as I noticed the car, a BxM6 pulled up trying to pull into the bus stop.

Usually when a bus creeps up on an idle car, the driver will move. However this driver did not give a damn that the bus was trying to pull into the stop as he or she stood their ground. The driver eventually pulled around it & blocked the car in. The car wanted to pull out a short while later but was trapped. I was glad to see the bastard blocked in as it should teach them not to break the law. While all of this was going on, I thought about this entry, & what NYC councilwoman Gail Brewer would think!

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