Wrapping A Mind

I know this story is late but at least I’m actually writing about it! The night was Friday April 8th. I had just finished doing my first “chronicles of time” on the W. I was standing outside the stairs to the Whitehall St station. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. I decided to call my best friend Dawn. Unfortunately she was on the phone so I figured I’d try one more friend before I made up my mind in regards to what I would do next.

I called my friend Stephanie. She seemed wrapped up in some company at her house. I figured I’d just do some railfanning before heading back to my Bronx crash pad for when I’m within the 5 boroughs for days at a time. I can’t wait until I actually move into my own place somewhere within the 5 boroughs. Lets not digress from the story though.

My cell phone rings & I see it is Dawn calling me back. We spoke for a few minutes & then made plans on the run. I was happy we made plans for a few reasons. First, I had no sense of what I wanted to do next. Secondly it would give me something to do & lastly it has been over a year since I have seen her.

The last time I saw her was when we met a bunch of WWE superstars on the eve & day of Wrestlemania 20. Why I haven’t seen her in over a year you ask? Well that is none of your business plus it isn’t the point of this blog.

We decide to meet up at 71-Continental Ave. I decided to take the most direct route which was the R from Whitehall St to the last stop. This is where my first blog opinion gets started. I’m sitting in the corner of the train & I see a guy with a couple of bags sitting across from me. I notice he has a new cd. He was admiring the new Beanie Siegel cd. I was just listening to my Jesse Malin cd when I noticed he started to open the cd.

The reason this caught my attention was because of what I see him do with the packaging. The man has a couple of bags with him yet he still felt the need to open the cd & throw parts of the wrapping underneath the seat. The kicker to this story is he took the rest of the packaging & placed it inside one of his bags. WTF??????

I don’t understand why he couldn’t just put all the wrapping in one of his bags to begin with. I could understand if it was an accident that led to the wrapping going underneath the seat. The fact is there was no accident & he purposely littered what is an already dirty enough system.

He eventually got off the train but for the rest of the ride my mind was stuck on his actions. Did a magical power touch his soul & make him realize he was wrong for throwing his wrapping underneath the seat? Who knows what he was thinking.

In the end I got off at the last stop, exited the station, crossed the street, & went up to Dawn. I will probably never see the guy again & really have no reason too. All I can hope is that he will remember his last action & do his part to keep our system clean.

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