Spoke Too Soon….

Yesterday, I had to meet my sister during her lunch break to conduct some business. We decided to meet by the Bowling Green train station so it would be a quick 2 train ride for me. The ride was quick & uneventful which is a good thing when riding the subway.

So I am standing outside the train station waiting for her to arrive. She finally arrived & started to talk to me when I interrupted her. She thought I was listening to some music since I had my ear buds on. I informed her that I was not as I was listening to my scanner. Before she left, I told her how the day was uneventful so far when it came to transit transmissions. However I would eventually learn that I spoke too soon!

After I was done with my business in the area, I decided to head back home since I still had plans to meet a friend later in the day. The commute was going to be the 4 or 5 to 125th Street with a transfer to the 6 to Parkchester. I was hoping for a 5 train since it was still midday service which guaranteed me a seat on the 5. My wishes came true as a train pulled in within 2 minutes of my arrival & it was the 5 train (7815).

I boarded & made my way to a corner seat in the back of the last car. I was just lounging around although for the first part of the ride I was annoyed at an elderly woman who was obsessed with staring at me. Anyhow I was still listening to my scanner & still heard nothing but basic transmissions. While gazing out the windows, I noticed that we blew by a 6 train in Harlem which meant a quick transfer at 125th Street. The train pulls into 125th Street about a minute later so I got prepared to depart. As usual someone was ready to board the train & was blocking the path for departing passengers. So yes we had a typical asshole straphanger.

Anyhow as I stand up at the doors ready to depart, I noticed that the doors were not opening. I started to wonder what was going on as it was going on almost a full minute with no doors being opened. I decided to sit back down & when I did, I started to hear a transmission over my scanner. It turns out the train I was on was ordered to not have their doors opened by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) due to a fight aboard the train.

As the communication continued between the control center & train crew, passengers on the platform & train grew restless. I also noticed the 6 train I planned on transferring to had pulled into the station. Unfortunately as the passengers grew restless, the 6 train pulled off. Eventually the doors opened & we were free from our cages. I never saw any police on the platform or heard any other details from transmissions other than that the train was free to depart.

So yeah, I spoke too soon………

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