Excuse Me Mr.

Friday December 16 was a very good day for me. I finally had the chance to meet someone I’ve been very cool with for over a year. I was on my way to The Sidewalk Cafe to meet my friend. I was running late as usual. I was tempted to hop on the express bus sitting outside my building but decided to take my chances on the subway.

I get out of my building & start the sub 10 minute walk to the Parkchester station. I get there & wait for about 5-6 minutes until a downtown 6 shows up. I’m looking at the time & knew I was sticking with the plan of attack I made before I left. I would take the 6 to 125th St & hope an express is there or is about to pull in. I would then take the express to 14th St/Union Sq & hop a cab to my destination.

The train ride to 125th St was quick & painless. My luck was good as once the train pulled in & I walked across the platform, an express was pulling into the station. I get on the first car of the 5 (6906) & take a seat in the middle of the train. I’m listening to some music & everything seems fine until we get to Grand Central/42nd St.

When the train pulls into the station, a man with very kinky hair gets on through the first door with a beverage in hand. I only glanced at him & went back to my own world I was in. I’m getting into my music & all of a sudden I heard a loud burp. The burp was very loud as my headphones tend to tone out all noises around me yet I heard this loud & clear. I thought I might have been hearing things at first but I was not. The faces of a few people across from me told the story.

I thought to myself no big deal as the shock of the moment wore off. However the man continued to produce one burp after another. I took a glance at him again & could tell this guy wasn’t all there. When I took a long look at him, his face told me how disturbed he really was. I think he was enjoying burping & freaking out some of the people around him. I guess the smell or the thought of burping must have turned off two kids who were with their family. The kids walked away from his direction & down to the other side of the train car.

My opinion is when you see someone who looks crazy or is acting crazy, stay as calm as possible & ignore them. I will never understand why some feel the need to make comments loud & sometimes directly to the person. I always notice the people who do this are so much smaller too! I guess they have a death wish.

The ride between 42nd St/Grand Central & 14th St/Union Sq couldn’t go by fast enough. I wanted to get off the train to get away from this nut & I just wanted to get to the Sidewalk. As luck would have it, the man got off at my stop. I fixed my bag & went up the stairs. I don’t know where he ended up going but thankfully I didn’t have to see or hear him again!

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