A First Time For Everything

I did something for the first time during the last part of rush hour on November 9, 2005. What did I do? I rode a Bee Line bus for the first time! I don’t know why I was excited since I’ve never been a bus fanatic but I was. I guess it stems from the freshness of something new being accomplished.

I had just left my girlfriend & was walking back towards Nereid Ave for the 2. I originally was going to just walk there even though my foot was killing me. I then stopped & said why don’t I just check to atleast see when the next Bee Line bus was scheduled to arrive. I looked at the schedule & noticed one was due in a couple of minutes. I decided I’d just hop on it to 233rd St & catch the 2 to Simpson from there.

I only had a couple of minutes so I went through my bag to find $1.75 in change. I managed to find enough change for the ride. The bus came & I boarded bus 850 & my first Bee Line ride was about to begin. When I payed my fare, I realized I could have just used a dollar bill along with 75 cents. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

The ride was a very quick but enjoyable one. The bus pulled up to the corner of White Plains Rd & 233rd St when a woman asked to get off. I assume she wanted to hop on the 2 train as well. The driver told her he couldn’t drop her off there as it was no longer a bus stop.

He also mentioned if he let her off & she got injured & sued, he would lose his job. Wow not everyday you hear a bus driver even go into detail. Most times the driver will let the person off or just flat out say no & nothing else.

The light changed & he made the left onto 233rd St & dropped everyone off at the last stop. I wished him a good night as he did I in return & I got off. I hopped on the 2 back to Simpson & the rest is history.

The Bee Line will eventually be photographed for this site as I made a promise to myself. Once I officially moved down here, the game as a whole would be on & no equipment or place would be off limits. The promise will be kept, period.

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