What One Hears……..

So the doors to our cages opened & I was able to walk across the platform for an uptown 6 train. I stood there anxiously waiting for the next train as I was dying to get home. As I waited, a 4 train pulled in & let off a ton of riders who were mainly transferring to the 6 train as well. Two young Hispanic guys stood by me & seemed to be chatting away to themselves. As this was happening, my scanner started to beep in my ear as if another transmission was coming. I didn’t think anyone could hear that but one of the guys did as he made a comment about the sound being a “Super Nintendo”.

The train finally arrived & unfortunately I had to stand as the car was quite packed. As I stood against the doors, I noticed two young African American women who were sitting across from each other. The two of them stood out due to their actions. Since I was listening to my scanner, I could hear everything around me during the breaks between transmissions.

I heard them talking & making gestures about a wide range of things including men on the subway jerking off while holding a newspaper. I also got the privilege of hearing one of them who sounded like a man talk about how the train was so quiet. She seemed confused as to why such a packed train was quiet. So her friend looks at her & they start alternating lyrics about the train being quiet & why it should maybe stay that way among other things. The last thing I noticed was their discussion about not seeing our express passing a local so they would have a long wait to get to their destination. The manly sounding one of the bunch wondered if they should go to Parkchester & come back down. Her friend thought that was a dumb idea.

Thankfully the Hunts Point Avenue station came & they departed with a number of others. I was glad for two reasons, one I didn’t have to hear them anymore & secondly I could sit for a couple of minutes. So much for me saying nothing interesting was happening so far!

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