All Aboard The Comedy Train

The day was Tuesday November 15 & the journey had already begun. I woke up with the specific intention of shooting along the Brighton line. The trip started with the usual, a ride on the Bx5. I was running late so I decided to just catch my dad’s bus going towards West Farms. The plan was to hop on the 5 at Simpson St & take it to 14th St/Union Sq for the Q.

The 5 came pretty quickly. I boarded car 6833 & was on my way. I didn’t get a corner seat like I prefer. I ended up getting one in the middle of the train. I happened to notice a young attractive hispanic woman sit across from me. The ride was a typical one until the train arrived at 125th St. When the doors opened, 2 hispanic guys got on. When I first spotted one of the guys, I just knew he was a smart ass. My original assumption was correct.

He spotted the same woman & must have lost his focus. He originally planned on sitting next to me which would have him across from her. He then decided he should sit directly next to her with his friend sitting next to me. I thought that was the end of it but it wasn’t. He now got up again & started asking the woman where he should sit.

She looked at him like wtf are you asking me this question for. She politely told him he could sit on any of the seats as it didn’t matter to her. He asked her at least 3 times. I guess this is a new technique in flirting with someone. He finally makes the earth shattering decision to sit next to her. Well he now felt a connection I suppose & felt the need to try & chat her up.

She clearly wanted to laugh at whatever lame conversation he was offering up. I admit I was trying not to laugh myself. There was a senior citizen sitting next to him trying not to laugh at him either. We all deserved medals for not doing so. I think his friend found it hilarious as he just chuckled.

I felt pity towards the young woman. The first reason is obvious. I felt bad she had to sit next to this clown. The second reason I felt bad was because she was clearly trying to listen to music on her mp3 player. She tried to continue listening but it was to no avail as he didn’t get a clue or if he did, he ignored it.

She eventually told him that she was trying to listen to music & he finally backed off. Hello genius, you should have figured that she was listening to music when she was holding her mp3 player in her hand the whole time. The circus came to an end at 86th St when she got off. However the comedy continued.

The next round of comedy began in the same vicinity. There was a black woman who looked to be in her mid to late 20’s who sat near the end of the bench seat. She looked to be relaxing as she had her eyes closed. When the train reached 86th St, a white couple got on the train. The couple wanted to sit next to each other but couldn’t.

The woman sat to the right of the black woman & her boyfriend sat to the left of the black woman. They started having a conversation The black woman opened her eyes & was like “oh no you aren’t talking across me, do you two want to sit next to each other?” The couple agreed & seat positions were switched.

I just found it hilarious how she said it. One part of me found the humor in it while the other half found the diva like attitude of it annoying. No offense but the subway isn’t a place meant to rest or sleep. If someone conversing will bother you then the subway isn’t the place for you! The rest of the ride went by without incident. However I can’t say it wasn’t an entertaining ride!

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