Thief Targeting L Subway Line Riders

Police are telling riders of the L Train to be on the lookout for a thief who is targeting sleeping passengers. Tim Fleischer of ABC7 has more:

Police are warning subway riders to stay awake while on the train after a series of robberies targeting sleeping passengers.

The suspect took wallets and cell phones from his victims after cutting their pockets open with a sharp object.

Surveillance video shows the suspect police believe is responsible for at least seven incidents where he steals valuables from subway riders who have fallen asleep on overnight or early morning L-line trains.

The suspect is wanted for grand larceny in seven cases on the L-line.

The first incident was on February 18th. The last was on April 2nd.

The incidents occurred near the Sutter Avenue station, the Glenwood Road and Rockaway Parkway station, and the Farragut Road and East 105th Street station. Once the train stopped, the suspect fled.

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This story resonates for me in a big way as I recall riding a packed 7 train around 3am one Sunday morning. I was sitting in the corner of the train & saw a guy get on & purposely sit next to someone opposite of me who was sleeping. I found it odd as it was a bit of a tight fit but within minutes I noticed why he chose to do so.

He covertly pulled out a sharp knife and gently started to cut into the guy’s pants to rob him. When I noticed him, I immediately woke the guy up & the thief got rattled and got off at the next stop. The rider thanked me as I saved him from that robbery. The thief was smooth so I am 100% confident he had done this successfully before. This is why I tell anyone I know to try their best to never sleep on public transportation.

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Buses Replace 2 Port Jervis Trains

This Friday, buses will replace 2 trains on the Port Jervis line so the agency can perform some work near Tuxedo. Here is more via the press release I received:

MTA Metro-North Railroad today announced that buses will substitute for two trains on the railroad’s Port Jervis Line between Port Jervis and Ramsey Route 17 from Friday evening, April 21, through Saturday morning, April 22. Buses will depart at the same time as scheduled trains.

The substitute busing will allow Metro-North crews to perform trackside drainage improvement work near Tuxedo to ensure the on-going reliability and safety of the Port Jervis Line.

Service details are below:

Friday Evening/Saturday Morning, Northbound:

Customers traveling to all stations from Sloatsburg through Port Jervis aboard the 12:40 a.m. train from Hoboken will be able to ride that train to Ramsey Route 17 to connect with buses arriving at those stations.

Saturday Morning, Southbound:

Buses will partially substitute for the 4:45 a.m. departure from Port Jervis. Customers seeking the train at all stations from Port Jervis through Sloatsburg will find buses that will travel to Ramsey Route 17, where they will connect at 6:14 a.m. to the regularly scheduled train making local stops to Hoboken, arriving at 7:19 a.m.

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Person Slashed At Queens Subway Station

While major crime in NYC is at record low, transit crimes have risen immensely. The unfortunate trend continued yesterday afternoon when a man was slashed at the Beach 90th Street A Train & S Train station. Andrea Cavallier of Pix 11 has more:

Police are looking for two suspects after a man was slashed at a subway station in Far Rockaway Tuesday afternoon.

It happened around 4:20 p.m. on the A train line at the Beach 90th Street station.

A woman reportedly told police that her husband was jumped by the unidentified attackers during a dispute and slashed. The reason for the dispute is not known.

The man, 31, was taken to the hospital, where he is being treated for injuries to the face and thigh.

Police are continuing to scour the area for the two suspects, a male and a female.

I always hate to hear stories about a subway slashing as such a crime comes across as extremely personal especially when done to the face. Regardless of that, I hope the people responsible for this are caught & face severe consequences for their actions unless details prove they were acting in self defense which I am doubting based on initial reports.

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Gov. Cuomo Announces New Bus Roll Out

Earlier today, Gov. Cuomo announced the roll out of new buses equipped with charging ports & wi-fi service. Here is more via the official press release I received:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that the first of 86 new buses equipped with Wi-Fi service and USB ports have arrived in Brooklyn, and that the first of 79 new buses have arrived in Manhattan. The new buses will replace nearly 40 percent of the MTA’s current fleet and represent a $1.3 billion investment of Capital Program resources.

The first 75 buses included in the plan went into service in Queens last year and in March, the first of 83 new buses equipped with Wi-Fi service and USB ports arrived in the Bronx. The new arrivals are part of a larger initiative, announced by the Governor in March 2016 that is revitalizing the MTA’s bus operations, with more than 2,042 state-of-the-art new buses joining its transportation fleet over the course of five years.

“These new, state-of-the-art buses will improve the standard of service for countless commuters and will help ensure the continued viability and reliability of the MTA’s bus fleet for years to come,” Governor Cuomo said. “In today’s ever-evolving world of technology, it is critical that we meet the demand for enhanced connectivity through a superior mass transit system – these buses are an important step forward in bringing the MTA into the 21st century.”

Additionally, the MTA is in the process of upgrading existing buses with Wi-Fi and USB charging ports. By the end of this year, all express buses will be retrofitted with Wi-Fi and USB charging ports. The buses will also feature bus operator partitions as well as cameras to enhance the safety of both bus operators and passengers.

“Today’s announcement shows continued momentum, but it’s just one part of a larger initiative to modernize the MTA’s entire bus fleet,” Ronnie Hakim, Interim Executive Director of the MTA said. “That broader program includes last month’s introduction of new Wi-Fi enabled buses in Queens and the Bronx, as well as tests of digital information screens, pedestrian turn warning systems and collision warning systems. Taken as a whole these innovations represent both an increased focus on our customers’ needs, and an entirely new way of doing business.”

Buses in Brooklyn

After the initial delivery of 3 buses, units will arrive at a rate of approximately 3 to 5 buses per week. All 86 buses will be in service by mid-October of this year, and will be based at the MTA’s Jackie Gleason and Grand Avenue Depots, running on the B4, B8, B9, B11, B16, B35, B37, B43, B61, B63, B67, B68, B69 and B70. These buses will support Phase 2 of the Bushwick Shuttle.

Buses in Manhattan

After the initial delivery of 3 buses this week, units will arrive at a rate of approximately 3 to 5 buses per week. All 79 buses will be in service by the end of this year and will be based at the MTA’s Tuskegee Depot, running on the M14, M15, M101, M102 and M103.

The addition of Wi-Fi provides a new level of connectivity to New Yorkers, bringing ease and convenience to those working, reading emails, or checking in on their social media accounts without impacting their cellular data plans. The number of USB ports on buses will range from 35-55, depending on the make and model, and will be conveniently located throughout the bus.

These upgrades are part of Governor Cuomo’s robust plan to fully transform the MTA into an innovative, state-of-the-art system with improved customer service and first-class amenities. Other elements of the broader enhancement program that focus on buses include:

• New Look SBS Buses Serving the Bronx and Queens: In March of 2017 Governor Cuomo unveiled a new design for the MTA’s Select Bus Service buses, which are also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and USB ports, and announced that the first of a total of 43 new SBS buses had arrived in Queens and Bronx.

• Digital Information Screens: The MTA is in the process of completing a successful pilot program to evaluate digital information screens on 200 buses. With the completion of the pilot this month, the MTA will begin the process of deploying the screens to 3,600 buses by 2020. The digital screens offer audio and visual route information and display next stop information, service advisories and travel information, including transfers. They also have the capability to display geo-specific advertising, enabling the potential opening up of a new avenue of advertising revenue.

• Pedestrian Warning System & Collision Avoidance Technology: The MTA is also conducting pilot programs for new technologies aimed at improving customer and passenger safety, including a pedestrian turn warning system, will be installed on 288 buses, and a new collision warning technology system will be installed on 145 buses. After the successful completion of this test, the technologies will be installed on 1,600 buses starting in mid-2018.

• LaGuardia Link: The relaunch of the Q70 Limited bus service as “LaGuardia Link” with a distinctive new look designed to help customers and tourists quickly find their way between LaGuardia Airport and two regional transit hubs in Queens that connect to five subway lines, Long Island Rail Road and seven bus lines. The route, nicknamed the “LaGuardia Link,” is a Select Bus Service which employs convenient off-board fare technology that allows customers to pre-pay their fare and enter and exit through any bus door, eliminating the need to wait to pay at a single fare box, and decreasing dwell time at stops. The LaGuardia Link will also continue to offer travelers convenient luggage storage racks.

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Sex Offender Caught On 6 Train

The warm weather seems to bring out the worst in some people. Such is the case for 53 year old level 2 sex offender Stephen Martinez who was arrested on Saturday after gyrating on a woman on a Bronx-bound 6 train. Ross Keith of the New York Daily News has more:

A Brooklyn man was busted for grinding up against a woman on a subway train, police said.

Stephen Martinez, 53, allegedly rubbed himself on the victim on an uptown No. 6 train Saturday afternoon, according to cops.

Martinez, a level two sex offender, was busted at the Grand Central subway station around 3:30 p.m., police said.

The officers first spotted Martinez lurking in Union Square station and watched him get behind his 23-year-old victim, and gyrate against her, cops said.

Martinez, who lives at a Brownsville men’s shelter, was awaiting arraignment Saturday night.

I am glad the man was caught for his lewd act. However I wonder why is he not in jail already if he is a level 2 sex offender. If he was, he would not be able to engage in lewd behavior like this on innocent people. Just another example of why our justice system is beyond messed up.

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