Security Camera Plan Leaves Out Many Stations

Security is one of the biggest concerns for subway riders in New York City (NYC). This concern has increased even more over the last week due to the recent murder of 2 riders on a Brooklyn-bound 2 Train train. So it is safe to assume that this next story will not help calm those concerns. According to a report by Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News, the MTA’s latest “subway security camera plan leaves 75% of stations unwatched”. Let’s take a look at a brief sample of his report:

Even after the MTA expands its security plans, only about one in four subway stations will have surveillance cameras at turnstiles, the Daily News has learned.

Nearly 70 stations now have surveillance cameras capturing riders entering and exiting through turnstile banks, and the MTA plans to expand surveillance of these so-called “fare control areas” to 100 stations in June.

But the MTA doesn’t have the money or approved plans to expand the coverage beyond that.

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What a surprise, money is the lead trouble issue involving some sort of transit project. Where have we heard that one before? Seriously though, it comes as no surprise that they do not have the money necessary to install cameras in all stations. However in the big scheme of things, is this really that bad?

I am of the belief that we as a society have too many cameras watching us as it is. Security cameras is subways provide a false sense of security in the same way token booth clerks do. While the security camera will deter some, a criminal who has his mindset on committing a crime will do it whether the camera is there or not. Plus how good are the quality of these cameras anyway? Do you tend to notice that camera footage tends to be blurry & not exactly helpful in providing strong identification of people.

In the end, security cameras will not make the subway safer, targeted police presence & overall improvement of the environment will. Don’t let the false sense of security convince you otherwise.

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