Teen Dies After Being Hit By LIRR Train

This past Thursday, a 16 year old teenager named Phelim Lynch was hit by a westbound Long Island Railroad (LIRR) train just west of the Floral Park station. The incident took place as he & a 17 year old friend were walking along the tracks. According to some of his friends, the area in & around where the accident took place is a well known spot where youngsters hang out at.  He was taken to Mineola Hospital after the 10:45 p.m. incident but he eventually died at 6:08 a.m. on Friday.

I know this might sound harsh but I do not feel bad about this incident. I was once a teenager myself who did stupid things from time to time like others. However I knew where to draw the line in doing something stupid & doing something that can get me killed. When will people get it through their head, walking along active train tracks is NEVER a good choice. I don’t care how well you might know the schedule, one can never guarantee a train of some sorts will not come through. The worst part is you know people will continue to hang out in & around the spot where the accident happened. How many people have to die before the message sinks in?

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you didn’t even know phelim…

wow. seriously, this isn’t even right. you didn’t know phelim. he was a good person and didnt deserve to die. don’t say things if you don’t even know the person. thank you

are you serious? how can you say that

Once again I stand by my statement. I do not feel sorry for people who choose to play on train tracks. His death was the result of his poor judgment. If he used just an ounce of common sense, this would have never happened. I don’t have the tolerance to feel bad for every single person whose lack of common sense leads to their demise whether via injury or fatality.

i know this happened a while ago but dude your a inconsiderate thick headed person. yes his choice was stupid but i don’t understand why u would even write what you did. you didn’t know him and you don’t know his friends or his family. And to let u know kids have changed because of him and have learned form this experience.yes it was a stupid idea to walk the tracks but what you wrote is pretty stupid as well. which shows that everyone make stupid choices big and small. many people were upset because of this accident and your a scum bag to write that. you should learn to keep some of your opinions to yourself and have respect for others casue what you wrote is completely messed up. by reading what you wrote i can already say even tho i don’t no you is that u have no respect and are a very arrogant and close minded person and i’m sorry your that way…

Lets get a few things straight, you can share your opinion here but don’t you dare tell me what I should & should not keep to myself. I own this blog, the server it resides on, & everything else in between. It is not my fault that I have the guts to call it like it is & getting pass the politically correct bullshit society we live in. People who die because of accidents such as a drunk driver or reckless driver are real victims. People who choose to purposely engage in activities that are not only illegal, dangerous, & downright stupidity are not. END OF STORY!

thats really messed up

so when u said ” People who die because of accidents such as a drunk driver or reckless driver are real victims”

isnt that a stupid disition… to go out and drive drunk or reckless…. u didn’t really have much to ur argument right there… look at it through our eyes for a second… how would feel if u read what wrote being the sister or parent of Phelim…… pretty pissed. im not saying this to argue im saying this to possibly make u realize that yess u may own this blog and alll the bullshit that goes with it, but u need to learn to have a little bit more concern for others more then urself. ….. normally i would never say anything like this, but just to go nd stoop to ur level ….. i hope ur sister/ mother/brother/father… or whoever u have thats close to u like that has an ending similar to this. maybe then ull feel the sting behind ur words when someone says them to u. …..

Are you kidding me? how would you feel if you lost a loved one tragically like this. Don’t say shit like this. Un sensitive.

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