Sex Offender Caught On 6 Train

The warm weather seems to bring out the worst in some people. Such is the case for 53 year old level 2 sex offender Stephen Martinez who was arrested on Saturday after gyrating on a woman on a Bronx-bound 6 train. Ross Keith of the New York Daily News has more:

A Brooklyn man was busted for grinding up against a woman on a subway train, police said.

Stephen Martinez, 53, allegedly rubbed himself on the victim on an uptown No. 6 train Saturday afternoon, according to cops.

Martinez, a level two sex offender, was busted at the Grand Central subway station around 3:30 p.m., police said.

The officers first spotted Martinez lurking in Union Square station and watched him get behind his 23-year-old victim, and gyrate against her, cops said.

Martinez, who lives at a Brownsville men’s shelter, was awaiting arraignment Saturday night.

I am glad the man was caught for his lewd act. However I wonder why is he not in jail already if he is a level 2 sex offender. If he was, he would not be able to engage in lewd behavior like this on innocent people. Just another example of why our justice system is beyond messed up.

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MTA Worker Attacked For Being A Snitch

If you grew up in an urban environment, one word you never want to be tagged with is snitch as it is severely looked down upon even when it was right to do so.

Such is the case for a MTA worker who was attacked last Wednesday on a Brooklyn-bound L train after “snitching” on a rider who was urinating between cars. Thomas Tracy of the New York Daily News has more:

The on-duty MTA employee was riding a Brooklyn-bound L train heading into the First Ave./14th St. station at about 2:45 a.m. Wednesday when he saw a straphanger relieving himself between cars.

When the train reached the Bedford Ave. station in Brooklyn, he told two cops what he had observed. The officers grabbed the straphanger, who was still on the train, and tossed him from the station, officials said.

The move infuriated another commuter — a complete stranger — who accused the MTA employee of being a tattletale.

“Why you snitch on him?” the straphanger asked. “Wait to we leave. I’m gonna f–k you up.”

Once the doors closed, the straphanger attacked the MTA employee, punching him in the face and choking him

Click here for the full report.

I in no way condone the worker being attacked as it was not right & hopefully the perpetrator is caught. However I do have to question why he felt the need to go to the cops over someone urinating between cars. Perhaps the person really had to go & could no longer hold it. Now if he decided to urinate inside the car, I could understand flagging down the cops. However to do it in this case seemed overboard.

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Buses To Replace New Canaan Branch Trains

The MTA Metro-North Railroad has just announced that buses will be replacing trains on the New Canaan Branch for the next 3 weekends. Here are the details via the press release I was sent:

MTA Metro-North Railroad is advising customers that buses will substitute for trains on the New Canaan Branch on the three weekends of April 21-23, 28-30, and May 5-7. Substitute bus service on all weekends will begin at 11 p.m. on Fridays and last through the last train of the night on Sundays. Stamford-bound buses will operate 15-20 minutes earlier than scheduled trains. Customers should listen for announcements and check local or express bus service to their destination while boarding.

The weekend service change will help ensure the on-going reliability and safety of the New Canaan Branch. Metro-North crews will be replacing a switch in Stamford, which will obstruct train movement to New Canaan. This weekend’s work is part of the railroad’s larger, continuing switch replacement program; this program keeps locations were the tracks meet or cross in a state of good repair. Crews will take advantage of the branch outage to cut brush and trees, weld joints and improve drainage.

To Stamford:

Bus service will begin on Friday evenings with an 11:10 p.m. bus that will substitute for the 11:28 p.m. train from New Canaan to Stamford, making all station stops to Stamford where it will connect with the regularly scheduled 11:56 p.m. train at Stamford.
Throughout the weekend, buses will operate up to 20 minutes earlier than normal train times. At Stamford station, customers will connect with regularly scheduled train service. For a detailed bus schedule, customers may visit:

To New Canaan:

Bus service will begin on Friday evenings after 11 p.m. and continue through the last train of the day on Sunday. Buses will depart from the Stamford station at regularly scheduled train times. For a detailed bus schedule, customers may visit:

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Service Diversions 04-14-17

I have just updated the Service Diversions for the upcoming weekend through the end of next week.

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MTA Teams With Mount Vernon On $25M Project

The city of Mount Vernon is teaming with the MTA on a $25M project to fix multiple community bridges. Zak Failla of the Daily Voice has more:

Late last week, Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas, the city’s grants team and members of the Law Department met with officials and engineers from the MTA to discuss the $25 million project to replace five city bridges along the New Haven Metro-North line, including the 10th Avenue and 3rd Avenue Bridges, which “have been closed for far too long,” according to Thomas.

Click here to view the complete report.

This is long overdue as the condition of those bridges have been in horrible shape for years now. Why it took them this long to address them is a concern to me. Hopefully they will be more timely with other infrastructure repairs throughout the system.

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