MTA Extends Staten Island Express Bus Route

Earlier this month, MTA New York City Transit issued a press release to announce the extension of the X16 which is a Staten Island Express Bus route. Here is the full press release courtesy of the MTA:

MTA NYC Transit announces that beginning Monday, January 7, 2008, the Staten Island X16 express bus route will be extended from the current Post Avenue/Jewett Avenue terminal to Castleton Avenue/Jewett Avenue in order to improve service reliability.

Currently, the X16 operates in the morning peak with little or no supervision between the Port Richmond terminal and the main service area on Forest Avenue. The extended route will run past the dispatcher post at Castleton and Jewett Avenues. With this added supervision at the beginning of the line, the dispatcher can better monitor the route and adjust service as needed. In addition, by adding new bus stops, it will make the route more accessible to customers in the Port Richmond community.

New Bus Stops Manhattan-bound:
– Castleton Avenue at Jewett Avenue, far side
– Castleton Avenue at Heberton, near side
– Port Richmond Avenue at Charles Avenue, far side
– Post Avenue at Jewett Avenue, near side

New Bus Stops Staten Island-bound:
– Port Richmond Avenue at Albion Place, near side
– Castleton Avenue at Heberton, near side
– Castleton Avenue at Jewett Avenue, near side

Eliminated Manhattan-bound Bus Stop:
– Jewett Avenue at Post Avenue, near side

For all MTA NYC Transit travel information, customers may log on to or call Travel Information at 718-330-1234.

I really have nothing to add as I rarely go to Staten Island & when I do, I never use any public transportation while there. The only thing I can say is I hope the riders enjoy the extension.

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Is there an express bus from the Greyhound terminal in NYC to Staten Island? If so, what is the schedule and where does it drop off in Staten Island. Where does it leave from the terminal in NYC?
Ron Drogy

Looking for express bus route from staten island to 30th street and 11th Avenue, Manhattan.

returning to staten island at 2:30 – 3:00 pm

i want to go 1250 1st ave ny.ny.

I want to go 1250 1st ave n.y n.y by x bus what number x bus is?

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