Maybe It Wasn’t So Bad After All

I’ll be honest & say I was for the most part against the holiday fare discounts. I thought the gestures were P.R. friendly & the money could have been used more wisely. However in the end besides the bonus time on my unlimited monthly, I did get something else out of them.

A few weeks ago I read a post from “checkthedoorlight” on TS. He mentioned how he got one of the bonus 10 pack off peak Metro North tickets from someone on E-Bay for $10. When I read this, I thought I should see if I could do the same. My gallery is lacking in both railroad departments so a bonus ticket would be a good way to beef up the stock.

The search started on E-Bay & I watched 2 specific auctions, 1 for each railroad respectively. The LIRR auction went too high for my tastes so I ended up winning the Metro North auction for $10 with shipping. The ticket was used but had 6 trips remaining & I thought it was still a great deal.

I waited to the last two days to use the ticket but I got what I wanted out of the deal. Thanks to the assistance & knowledge of Richard (ctdl), I ventured r/t to Poughkeepsie on 2/27. I enjoyed the super express back to Grand Central!

I was happy with my photo work up there. Rich was right, the ride to & from Poughkeepsie is beautiful! I personally had not been to Poughkeepsie in ages. However I never went up there via train so never knew what it looked like. The ride was well worth it.

The last day for the ticket had now arrived. I decided to use this day to visit Bridgeport, New Canaan, & New Haven. I once again had a great time & was satisfied with my photo work for the day. I would like to spend more time exploring Metro North as some stations look quite fun to shoot from.

In the end something else good came out of the holiday fare discounts & even more so I owe some thanks to Richard for not only the tips he provided but the actual idea from his post. Thanks!

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