Man Makes Citizen’s Arrest On Subway

Tuesday morning was quite the adventure on a Bronx-bound train as 40 year old Anna Lushchinskaya was arrested by a citizen after repeatedly kicking & harassing another female rider. Natalie Musumeci of the New York Post has more:

A subway rider made a citizen’s arrest of a violent straphanger who repeatedly kicked a passenger on a Brooklyn subway train and hurled a racial slur at the woman.

Anna Lushchinskaya, 40, was charged with felony assault following the wild Tuesday morning incident around 8 a.m. aboard the D-train in Sunset Park, the NYPD said.

The 24-year-old woman targeted by Lushchinskaya had boarded the northbound train at the 9th Avenue-39th Street stop — and Lushchinskaya launched the attack that left the victim bleeding with cuts to her face, police said.

In two videos posted to Twitter by another rider — who appeared to detain Lushchinskaya on the 36th Street station platform until the cops showed up — the suspect can be seen unleashing the rage-filled assault.

“F—k off! F—k off! Fuck off!” Lushchinskaya shouts to a silent woman who is standing next to her and appears to be preoccupied with her phone, one of the clips posted by Juan Ayala under the Twitter handle @ PlatanoMan shows.

Lushchinskaya appears to hit the woman’s hand.

The maniacal, blonde-haired woman is then seen taking off her sunglasses, putting her hair up in a ponytail, and pulling an umbrella out of her bag.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Lushchinskaya kicks the woman, prompting fellow straphangers to intervene.

“They’re not letting me hit her back!” shouts Lushchinskaya who then calls a man “f—king retarded” for trying to stop her.

The woman who Lushchinskaya attacked then tells her: “You come touch me I will punch you right back. I don’t care who the f—k you are.”

Then Lushchinskaya whacks the woman with her umbrella and repeatedly kicks her as the woman kicks her back.

At some point, according to cops, Lushchinskaya hit the victim with keys.

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I saw the initial video posted in the report & I was shocked at her actions. I would really like to know what possessed her to go off like that. The victim clearly did not retaliate back yet she continued to assault her anyway.

Based on the initial video, I can understand why a citizen’s arrest was made. She might need some anger management though…..

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Man Arrested For Subway Hate Crime

Two days ago, I blogged about a man who was responsible for fracturing the spine of a woman after seeing her kiss her partner on the cheek. At the time of the entry, the identity of the man was not known but a picture did exist.

Fast forward to earlier today when we learned the identity of the lowlife responsible for the hate crime. The person behind the crime was 54 year old Allasheed Allah. Here is more via a report from Larry Celona & Stephanie Pagones of the New York Post:

Police on Thursday busted the hate-filled rider who fractured a woman’s spine during an attack on a Queens subway, authorities said.

Allasheed Allah, 54, was arrested Thursday morning and charged with assault as a hate crime and aggravated assault as a hate crime for the Nov. 30 attack, police and sources said.

He was nabbed after someone recognized his photo and alerted authorities of his name and his whereabouts, police said.

Allasheed allegedly approached the 20-year-old victim, who was standing with another woman, while they were riding a Manhattan-bound E train through Queens during evening rush hour.

“Kiss her again, you d—s,” he told them, police sources said.

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I am glad this lowlife piece of trash was arrested as he had no right to do what he did. Hopefully the book is thrown at him as he does not deserve to have his freedom.

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Woman Saved At Manhattan Subway Station

This morning was an eventful one at the 14th St-Union Square station on the Lexington Avenue lines after a woman was pushed onto the tracks of the Bronx-bound & . Stephanie Pagones of the New York Post has more:

Good Samaritans rushed to bring a woman to safety after a stranger shoved her onto the subway tracks Thursday morning, according to police and witnesses.

The woman was standing on the uptown 4- and 5-train platform at Union Square subway station around 10:45 a.m. when a stranger pushed her — sending her falling onto the tracks, police and witnesses said.

Witness @buhlreports took to Twitter, where she noted how the man “pushed” the victim and then “ran away.”

Staphangers rushed to the woman’s aid before she came into contact with any oncoming trains, police and the witness said.

Click here for the complete report.

Thankfully the woman was rescued by the quick thinking actions of some good samaritans & transit personnel. Hopefully she will mentally recover from the traumatic incident. Lastly I hope the person responsible for this crime gets caught & punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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MTA Board Approves 17B Budget

Earlier today the MTA Board approved a 17 billion dollar budget along with vows to restructure the agency significantly in order to save money. Part of the budget approved called for fare & toll hikes in March although to what extent is not known. Vincent Barone of AMNY has more:

Facing a billion-dollar budget gap through 2021, members of the MTA board on Wednesday vowed to significantly restructure the authority to save money.

The promises came as the board voted to approve a $17 billion budget for 2019 — a budget that slates yet another fare and toll hike in March — even though board members agonized over what they described as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s bloated bureaucracy and misspending.

“This is not going to go on like this — it can’t go on. And I think this board very soon is facing a situation where we are going to have to have massive restructuring of the MTA,” said MTA board member Andrew Saul. “There’s no question about that. You see it coming before us.”

The fare and toll hikes could potentially raise MetroCard rates to $3 and Long Island Rail Road tickets by as much as $15 a month — the sixth such raise since 2009. While the board is scheduled to vote on the details of a fare hike next month, there’s still uncertainty as to whether the increases will actually happen.

Click here for the complete report.

The board approving the budget came at no surprise as they are legally bound to do so. Plus the talk of fare hikes has dominated the local transit news world for quite some time now.

What I found interesting though was the stance of Acting MTA Chairman Fernando Ferrer saying it was too early to discuss potential fare & toll hikes. For starters, the stance is 100% asinine. How can it be too early to discuss such increases when they are slated to happen in under 4 months? Also let us not forget the agency is holding public hearings throughout the region to discuss this very topic.

Besides asinine, his stance comes as being out of touch with reality. This is a sentiment shared towards MTA Board members as a whole who many feel are not in touch with the every day rider & what they go through dealing with the much maligned system.

I do agree with the board that the rules need to be changed so their fiscal year aligns with the rest of the city & state to better help determine actual numbers in terms of what can be expected versus projections which can be way off in both good & bad ways.

In the end, the city & state need to come up with better funding solutions along with the agency continuing to restructure itself to a point that not a dollar gets wasted. Now is this realistic? Considering the sides involved, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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Man Sucker Punched At Subway Station

Cops in Queens are looking for a suspect who sucker punched a man at the Hunters Point Avenue station. Click here to see a video of the incident & if you have any details to help catch this lowlife, please contact the NYPD.

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