Cuomo Ineptness Led To Rise In OT Costs

The ineptness of the worst governor in U.S. history still rears its ugly head today even with the piece of shit out of office. I am referring to Fredo himself, Andrew Cuomo. The latest of his failures comes in the form of MTA Police overtime coasts soaring due to his failed policies according to the MTA Inspector General. Jose Martinez of The City has more:

The MTA police force’s overtime jumped over 20% last year — to $33.3 million — due to a mismanaged surge of “special projects” pushed by the Cuomo administration, the transit agency’s inspector general charged.

The report, obtained by THE CITY, accuses the MTA of failing to properly monitor both regular and overtime costs that came with efforts to police fare evasion and homelessness in the subway between 2018 and 2020.

High overtime costs among the agency’s 1,000 police officers — who until recently only patrolled Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, the MTA’s two commuter railroads and the Staten Island Railway — have repeatedly been flagged by watchdog groups and MTA board members.

“It needs to be fixed once and for all, if the MTA is going to have any credibility at all in convincing riders and taxpayers that they are spending money in a wise and frugal manner,” Larry Schwartz, a Cuomo appointee who chairs the MTA board’s finance committee, told THE CITY. “Overtime needs to be under control.”

In 2019, the report says, the governor’s office and management at the transit agency directed the MTA Police Department to help outreach workers direct homeless people in subway stations into other forms of shelter.

Click here for Jose’s complete report.

I am not the least bit surprised to see coasts soar as I knew his idea was a terrible one from the jump after speaking with insiders at MTA Police & former NYC police officers who did transit work at some point during their career. The problem with idiots like Fredo is that they won’t listen to those with experience as it is all about them & their ego. Who gets left holding the bag, the tax paying public.

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