Man Stabbed 19 Times In Sayville

A 53 year old man was stabbed 19 times at the Long Island Rail Road’s (LIRR) Sayville station. Bill Mason of Newsday has the story:

A Sayville man was arrested and charged yesterday with the attempted murder of a 53-year-old man, stabbed 19 times Monday at the Sayville railroad station platform, police said.

The injured man remained hospitalized in critical condition, police said yesterday.

David W. Gorman, 22, of Willet Avenue, Sayville, was arrested near the Sayville station by Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police. He was to be arraigned today in First District Court in Central Islip.

MTA Det. Sgt. Peter Cummo said that after his arrest, Gorman led MTA detectives to a storm drain about a block away from the station, where he had disposed of the weapon used in the attack – a hunting-style knife with a blade of about four inches.

The knife attack, at about 3:45 a.m. Monday, was actually an outgrowth of a fistfight a few days earlier involving Gorman, the victim and the victim’s adult son, Cummo said.

“The victim actually called the suspect to apologize and asked the suspect to meet him at the train station to talk over their differences,” Cummo said. “It was not provoked. … From what we got, they met to talk. They were drinking, smoking. … Then somehow he [Gorman] became nervous, took out the knife and started to stab him.”

The 19 knife wounds were to the chest and back, and defensive wounds to the arms, Cummo said.

Gorman fled after the attack, and the victim, whose name was not released by police, made his way to a public telephone near the platform and called 911. He was taken to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital for surgery.

This story seems strange to me. Why meet up at the train station? What could have possibly been said or done that would lead an encounter to go from peaceful to an all out stabbing rampage? Hopefully these questions will get answered as I am quite curious.

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my names will…and im davids brother. If you all want to know what actually happend..than here it is.., the victim..his name is ross..and a commonly known homless person in sayville..(..i know hes bought me beer)..any way, his son Mike, was a very good friend to my brother, David. Mike, like his dad became homless, so David agreed to allow Mike to stay in his apartment for three months, when david was evicted and mike recived a settlement check for 25 thousand dollars due to a prior accident when he was 12, moved into his own apartment and refused to let david stay with him. They got into a fist fight, david was winning and his dad ross( the victim) helped mike in the fight. The reason they met at the train station so late, is because my house is about 9 houses down from the train station, and ross(the victim) was homless and all he did was drink all night, so they met up to “peace things up”, things went wrong when they were drunk, and david wound up stabbing him..this is the honest truth..i know..i sat there and cried at his arrainment this morning…

Wow. How does Rebbecca Elliott fit into this? And How come Mike got beaten by his neighbor for trying to steal his car rims?

This is all bs I’m david Gorman the supposed attacker of ross I was defending myself and from a robbery

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