Delays Galore!

Exactly a week ago today, I had some business to handle in the Upper East Side. I make my way down to the uptown platform at 68th Street when I notice an extremely large amount of people waiting for the train. While I know how crowded the Lexington Ave stations can be, this had the makings of delays all around.

My initial vibe was correct as I take a look at the station info clock which showed the next two uptown 6 Train trains were 8 & 11 minutes away respectively. This is completely out of whack especially going into 7PM on a weeknight. Eventually a message came across station delays were happening up & down the line due to issues at Parkchester. Eventually the train came albeit packed even above the typical standards one expects along this corridor. If I only knew this was a sign of things to come….

Fast forward about 2 hours later when I hop the 6 Train from the Upper East Side & make my way down to Bleecker St to transfer to a Brooklyn-bound F Train. The ride down to Bleecker was fine. I make my way down to the platform for the F Train & that is where the adventure began.

Around this time of night, the F Train runs approximately every 10 minutes or so. However I only wish it had come that fast. While I waited, a total of 9 (yes, you read that correctly!) trains passed before the F showed up.

They included 3 B Train‘s (2 Brooklyn-bound & 1 Manhattan-bound), 2 D Train‘s (1 Brooklyn-bound & 1 Bronx-bound), 2 Queens-bound F Train‘s, & 3 M Train‘s (2 Metropolitan-Ave bound & 1 Forest Hills-bound). A 10th train which was a Bronx-bound D Train showed up as my train arrived.

What frustrates me the most was not the actual delay itself but the fact that no announcement was never made as to what was going on. This is completely ridiculous considering the majority of people in that station were waiting for the F Train.

In this day & age, it is completely unacceptable that we were not informed as to what was going on. Once I got to my destination, I immediately checked Twitter to see if something was posted about what happened & not one single thing. After seeing this, I became even more infuriated & rightfully so.

MTA going your way…. not on this night, that is for sure. What a joke!

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