NYPD Looking For Brooklyn Subway Thief

One of the oldest tricks in the NYC Subway in terms of crime are when a thief engages in the act of cutting into a pocket of an unsuspecting rider to rob them as they sleep. The people who engage in these activities are commonly known to cops as “lush workers”.

Such was the case recently as a man boarded a Brooklyn-bound train at the 14th St-Union Square station & proceeded to fall asleep on the train. Later on during the ride, a man was caught on camera using shears to cut into the victim’s pocket where they stole their wallet & cell phone as it approached the Atlantic Ave station in East New York. The criminal used the stolen card to make $68 worth of purchases.

Here is a video of the suspect who is still on the loose:

I understand the need to usually keep to one’s self and mind their own business. However how could multiple people just sit there & watch it happen. We have one person sitting directly across from the incident while the other is filming from the corner.

I recall years ago being on a Queens-bound train during the overnight hours.  The train was packed (as it always is even at that late of night) and a guy wedged into a corner seat next to a guy who fell asleep. He proceeded to take out a blade and attempt to cut into the pants of the guy and try to rob him while he sat directly across from me and knowing I was seeing the whole incident go down. I did the right thing and called him out on it & woke the unsuspecting person up to alert them & the guy got off and tried to go to the next car where I proceeded to chase him off the train.

I am sorry but I will take my chances and do the right thing as I would want someone to do the same for me. I am never scared as I am well built and trained well for practically any sort of attack. So I like my chances against anyone!

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