Proof The NYPD Has Nothing Better To Do!

I am sure by now you have all heard of the operation being run by the NYPD called “Operation Lucky Bag”. The purpose of this operation is to catch people who would steal goods such as cell phones, an Ipod, or wallets after they were dropped by an innocent straphanger. The operation starts when an undercover officer drops a cell phone, Ipod, or wallet in a subway station. When someone picks up the item, cops pounce on the unsuspecting person. When they pounce on the unsuspecting person, they frisk the individual, demand ID, & run a criminal background check.

The New York Daily News featured a story on photographer Carlos Alayo. Mr. Alayo was a victim of “Operation Lucky Bag” as he was frisked, forced to show id & had a criminal background check run because he picked up a wallet he found on a platform at the Grand Central station. Mr. Alayo felt & was treated like a criminal for being a good Samaritan. His face turned colors as tons of rush hour straphangers watched the situation unfold. He was eventually released after his background check came back just fine.

Now can someone tell me what the hell is the point to this operation? How does the genius behind this idea sleep at night knowing they are now making good Samaritans think twice about doing what is right? How do they feel knowing they are wasting resources on a pointless operation? Unfortunately they & the rest of the NYPD seem to sleep fine as they consider this operation a success so far. They are proud of the fact that 100 people have been detained during this operation & 58 had rap sheets.

Are you kidding me? This is the reason why they think it is a success? Have these clowns ever heard of probability? Pick a random sample of 100 people from anywhere & some are bound to have some sort of rap sheet. Why do they need an idiotic operation such as this to tell them that? This operation accomplishes nothing productive unless they had having more people hate them as a goal! Seriously ths has to be one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard or seen executed & that is saying something! I hope Mr. Alayo & any of the other 42 who were wrongfully detained sue the pants off the NYPD as they would deserve it!

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