MTA Statement On Subway Homeless Issue

Most of us living in & around NYC know how clueless Mayor Bill de Blasio is based on his countless actions during his term. This continues to be the case when he tried to steer the blame for the NYC Subway homeless issue on the MTA even though handling it is out of their control. MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota just released a statement that was sent to be by the MTA:

The Mayor was asked about the homeless sleeping on the subways and one of his first words in response was “MTA.” New Yorkers get the Mayor is making every attempt to distance himself from the Transit Authority, but they aren’t fools. The fact is that since 1995 the NYPD has been the police force charged with enforcement in the subway system.

The MTA board gave Mayor Giuliani the authority to consolidate the Transit Police within the NYPD, giving the City primary jurisdiction. That’s a fact. Recently, the MTA has repeatedly asked the NYPD to help the expanding number of homeless people in the system find shelter outside of the trains and stations.

The NYPD needs to enhance its homeless outreach efforts in the subways. We all know that homeless people need help; clean shelters, job training, mental health services, and leaving them on the trains is degrading for all. The response is not to defend or excuse the presence of the homeless, but to get them the help they desperately need.

Every New York City Mayor since Koch has realized this except our current Mayor. We again are asking the NYPD to step up their presence and increase enforcement and the city must stop running from its responsibility. We hear from subway riders all day long and their opinion is unanimous: Mayor, fund the subway repair plan and get the sleeping homeless off the ‎trains. It’s the Mayor’s job.

I am not surprised at the idiocy from de Blasio has he truly has a strong chance to go down as one of the worst mayors NYC has ever had. He has continuously showed that he has zero issues with letting his narrative reign supreme over actual facts & reality.

His statement trying to put the blame on the MTA for this issue even though it is out of their actual control proves that. Great job de Blasio, no one can deny that you are consistent even if it is at being a flat out fool.

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