I Thought My Mom Was Bad!

On July 19th, I had to go to the bank to make a deposit. I had no desire to deal with the normally huge crowds during business hours. Since this was the case, I decided to just make a deposit at the ATM during the overnight hours. For some reason I am really enjoying making trips to the bank anywhere between 3 & 5 AM.

The train ride down was easy & event free. However the same could not be said for my return trip home. I am on the 6 train heading back to Parkchester. I board in one of the last few cars & noticed it was quite empty. I sat across from a man who was enjoying music on his disc-man. He seemed to really be into his tunes which is cool as I was in the same mode listening to my mp3 player.

I was rocking out silently to myself when I started to hear what sounded like singing. It turns out my fellow straphanger felt like singing. The problem is he sounded horrible! My mom is a horrible singer & she will be the first to admit it. I’ll put it to you this way, my mom sounds like Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey compared to how this guy sounded!

The fellow straphangers tried their best not to look at him. He seemed to be in his own world as he got up & started with the pole as if he was stripping & singing to someone. I wanted to take a picture of him so badly but I couldn’t without it being obvious. However I was able to record him as my mp3 player has a built in microphone.

Thankfully he stopped singing as we were approaching 116th St. I thought the show was mercifully over but I was wrong! We are now at Hunts Point Ave. & a cute older Hispanic woman gets on. She sits right across from me which is where our favorite singer originally sat when I boarded.

We are checking each other out until “The Straphanger Singer” decides to start singing again! She looked at him thinking god knows what… The thoughts must not have been good though. When the train opened its doors at the next stop (Whitlock Ave.) she exited our car & went one car forward! So much for our little flirting session! What makes it worse is “The Straphanger Singer” starts singing Rihanna’s “Umbrella”. I hate that song!

Thankfully “The Straphanger Singer” got off at Morrison-Soundview Aves! Who knows if he made it home though as he did not exit the station when he got off. Instead of going left towards the staircase after exiting the train, he went to the right & stood in the corner at the end of the platform. So thank you “The Straphanger Singer” for making my commute home harsh on the ears!

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Congestion Pricing

Where do I begin? Lets see, I HATE the idea! As if the every day New Yorker does not have their money spread so thin, here comes another idea to take more cash away. I applaud Mayor Bloomberg for trying new things to improve the financial stability of NYC. However this plan is taking it one step too far.

I have read & heard many who are against the proposal. I’m not the least bit surprised at the amount of opposition to the proposal. What shocks me is the people who support it & the bullshit they are spewing. How can anyone say with a straight face that this proposal won’t cause problems for the transportation infrastructure? The subway system is bursting at the seams especially on the Lexington Avenue corridor. If this proposal went into play, could the subway really handle the high % of new daily straphangers?

If you ride the subway everyday especially on corridors like Lexington Avenue & 7th Avenue, you already know the answer is no! One would think that Mr. Straphanger Bloomberg would understand this since he is such a big subway rider (lmao).

I guess when push comes to shove, there are $500,000,000 reasons why he is ignoring the obvious!

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Straphanger Sexually Assaulted

A straphanger was sexually assaulted with the attack starting in the subway. Here is a brief article about it courtesy of the New York Post:


July 4, 2007 — A drifter was busted after sweeping a 21-year-old woman who had passed out drunk off the subway and carrying her to a SoHo vestibule where he sexually assaulted her, police said yesterday.

Jasiri Walloe, 32, was arrested early Friday after the brazen assault, cops said.

Walloe found the victim passed out on a bench at 5 a.m. at the Brooklyn Bridge station, police said. He allegedly began kissing and fondling the intoxicated woman.

When a No. 6 train pulled in, Walloe scooped her up and carried her aboard. Walloe took her off the train at Spring Street, cops said.

Another rider grew suspicious and followed the two off the train. Walloe took the woman into a vestibule at 214 Mulberry St. where he removed her shorts and underwear, police said. He then fondled and molested her, waking her up, police said. Walloe allegedly began to bolt, but was caught a short distance away by police who had been called by the witness.

He is charged with kidnapping and sexual abuse.

What has happened to this country when you can’t even pass out in a train station at 5am & not be assaulted!

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The Great 6 Train Puke & Debate

The night of June 30th turned out to be quite interesting. The plan was to head to Penn Station & hop the LIRR out to see my best friend Tricia. I was running late as usual but felt confident I’d make it to Penn Station on time. However the start to the commute was quite interesting!

I had planned on walking down to Parkchester to hop the 6. However I looked at the time & thought there is a chance I might miss this train. I say this because I have noticed a good portion of the 6 trains will shave off 1-3 minutes from the time they are scheduled to arrive. Based on my average walk time, I would have easily beat the scheduled arrival. However if this train shaved, I was screwed.

So I decided to catch a cab & take it to 138th St – 3rd Ave. I figured I would easily catch the prior train to the one I chose not to walk to. When the cab was driving on the highway, I saw the prior 6 train leaving Whitlock Ave. & heading towards Hunts Point Ave. I’m happy as I’m sure I’d easily beat the 6 to 138th St. – 3rd Ave.

However this was not to be as I missed that train by seconds! I was baffled that I missed it to be honest with you. If I had to bet, I would have pushed all in that I would have made it. My downfall ended up being my own lack of memory in relation to main entrances. I totally forgot that the main entrance to that station is not the 138th St. – 3rd Ave. one. I told the cab to drop me off right near that entrance.

I ended up passing the main entrance at 138th St. & Alexander Ave. Since I needed to buy a Metrocard, I had to walk back to the main entrance. So as I head downstairs & race to the MVM, I hear the train pulling in. I purchased my Metrocard as fast as humanly possible. By time I got it & started towards the staircase, it had closed its doors. Needless to say I was not thrilled at spending $10 to catch the train I could have made for free at Parkchester. It could be worse, I could have missed both which would not have been good!

The strike of midnight is not far off as I ride the 6 train downtown. I’m having a mental debate about where I should get off to head to Penn Station. You see, I was rushing to make it to Penn Station as I had to catch a specific train. I was on my way out to the island to see my best friend Tricia. Her phone was dead & it would be a pain to reach her if I missed this train. Plus I do not want to wait another hour for the next one.

The debate boiled down to either of 2 choices. Either I get off at 51 St. & take the E to Penn Station. My other option was to get off at 33rd St. & hop a cab across town. In the end, 33rd St. won the debate. My thinking was I could not guarantee what time the E would show up. I was running short on time, combined with forgetting my E schedule, I felt the cab was the best option.

However before I got off at 33rd St., something happened on the ride down. I was sitting down & rocking out to some music on my mp3 player. The train had a light crowd who all looked ready & eager to get to their destinations. I saw a guy sitting in the corner who kept to himself & seemed normal. Nothing stood out about his actions until he was about to get off.

When we were approaching 86th St., I noticed this same man starting to look anxious to get off. The behavior did seem odd considering he was totally calm prior to that point. When the train platformed & the doors opened, he hurried off the train.

I noticed he started looking wildly in both directions & he sped off towards the actual exit. I thought that was the end of him until I saw one last shot of the man. As the train pulled out of 86th St., I saw the man slouched over a garbage receptacle. He was puking his brains out. For the brief time I & everyone else saw him, he puked out quite a lot. Who knows how long he was there for.

Thankfully we got out of there & I was free to continue with the aforementioned debate.

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Will The Hemmerdinger Era Ever Come To Be?

Joseph N. Mondello came out on June 19th, & pretty much said not so fast! The State GOP Chairman threatened to start a through investigation into Gov. Spitzer’s nomination for MTA Chairman. Here is a press release about it courtesy of the New York Republican State Committee:

ALBANY, NY (06/19/07; 1551)(readMedia)– Republican State Chairman Joseph N. Mondello today questioned Governor Spitzer’s decision to nominate real estate mogul and campaign supporter Dale Hemmerdinger to chair the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and called for a thorough review of Mr. Hemmerdinger’s credentials and the process by which he was chosen for nomination.

“Last week, Dale Hemmerdinger opened his home to host a big money fundraiser for Governor Spitzer. This week, the Governor is nominating him to head the MTA when his mass transit experience appears to be limited to suggesting fee increases on hard working New Yorkers,” said Chairman Mondello. “Governor Spitzer appears to have instituted a brazen ‘pay to play’ culture in Albany that is disappointing and shocking to the people of New York State.”

Chairman Mondello called for a thorough and extensive review of Mr. Hemmerdinger’s qualifications for MTA Chairman. Mr. Hemmerdinger’s involvement with mass transit seems limited to his call for MTA fee hikes as Chair of the Citizens’ Budget Commission. Chairman Mondello also called for an investigation to determine if Mr. Hemmerdinger’s campaign support was linked to his proposed appointment.

“The MTA is a large, complex organization that needs an experienced professional, not simply a political supporter who fills the Governor’s pockets with campaign cash,” said Chairman Mondello. “Hard working New Yorkers who rely on mass transit do not need a wealthy campaign financier whose prime object is to dip into their wallets with increased fees any more than they need a Governor who seemingly trades critical government positions for campaign funds.”

Now here is an opinion about this situation courtesy of Second Ave Sagas:

When last we visted with H. Dale Hemmerdinger, he had just been nominated for the MTA chair position. Signing off last night, I figured that his nomination would sail through the confirmation process. Well, color me wrong.

The State GOP is threatening a thorough investigation into Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s appointee due to Hemmerdinger’s close ties with the Democratic party in New York. He and his wife are major Democratic donors and are buddies with the Spitzers.

“Last week, Dale Hemmerdinger opened his home to host a big money fund raiser for Governor Spitzer. This week, the Governor is nominating him to head the MTA when his mass transit experience appears to be limited to suggesting fee increases on hard working New Yorkers,” State GOP Chairman Joseph N. Mondello said in a statement. “Governor Spitzer appears to have instituted a brazen ‘pay to play’ culture in Albany that is disappointing and shocking to the people of New York State.”

Mondello noted that Hemmerdinger had been a lead fund raiser for the Spitzer campaign and wondered if the appointment served as political payback. He also questioned Hemmerdinger’s transportation experience, noting that Hemmerdinger’s lone run-in with public transit was as head of the MTA’s Citizens’ Budget Commission.

This reeks, of course, of politics. Clearly, Spitzer would appoint an ally to head up an agency that he would like to act as a friendly body in the New York political arena, and Mondello knows that as well as anyone else. There is also no small amount of irony in a GOP leader criticizing the Democrats for engaging in “pay to play” politics in Albany. Pot, meet kettle.

Furthermore, Hemmerdinger is the perfect person to head up the MTA as its chair. With CEO Elliot “Lee” Sander firmly entrenched as the transportation policy guru at the Authority, the MTA doesn’t need another transit wonk in a position of leadership. Rather, they need a successful businessman with financial acumen to guide the Authority through what promises to be a few tumultuous fiscal years.

The Republicans will spoil for a fight. But it’s a waste of everyone’s time. Hemmerdinger is a great choice for the job; just approve him.

Sounds like things are going to get very interesting! One does have to scratch their head at the timing of the nomination though. As much as I like Spitzer, it does not look good. How can you explain their being a big party hosted by Hemmerdinger & days letter a huge nomination? One would think the party was just an excuse to seal the deal.

Has any Governor had this much drama in his first few months of office? Every time I turn around Spitzer is in the news & it hasn’t been that good. I do hope he gets it together though as I am a big fan of his!

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