The Point Is Again?

Not too long ago I read about the MTA’s plans to modify the R62A’s that are on the 7 line. The modification called for the installation of small LED signs that would display “LCL” or “EXP” to answer the infamous question asked at stops along the 7 for years! The problem is what exactly is the point to this again?

The idea that these little signs will lower the number of times the infamous question is asked is idiotic. Most who ask the question either can’t read signs because they are English, are in their own world listening to music, reading a book, etc…. So tell me once again why these signs would be any different from the current ways of telling which train is which? In my opinion the signs & use of the circle & diamond 7 are more than enough to differentiate the two services. Unfortunately many of the 7 riders seem to not be able to grasp simple concepts. One could argue that this is no surprise since many immigrants live along the line with a majority being illegal.

So once again an agency must endure costs because people can’t or understand how to listen or read in English. This is the kind of shit that pisses me off the more I think about it. I’m so sick of immigrants both legal & illegal taking up our valuable space while refusing to grasp our language. The MTA has enough issues to work with especially financially for them to install LED signs for people who refuse to adapt to our native language in our country!

For those interested in pictures you can view them in a couple of threads on Subchat. Here are two threads which contain pictures of the signs in action: Link 1 & Link 2

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Police Looking To Hunt Down A Suspect

The police are on the hunt for a knife wielding suspect who is responsible for the stabbing of 23 year old Tony Sterling. The incident too place this past Friday at the Brooklyn College-Flatbush Avenue station on the 2 & 5 lines.

Mr. Sterling & his girlfriend were walking along the station’s platform when the suspect started to heckle them. Mr. Sterling stepped in between the suspect & his girlfriend which led to a fight between the suspect & himself. During the encounter, the suspect pulled out a knife & stabbed Mr. Sterling in the torso. The suspect fled the scene immediately after.

Mr. Sterling is currently in Kings County Hospital where we underwent surgery on Saturday. He is in stable condition & is expected to fully recover.

Hopefully the cops nab the asshole responsible for this. While I don’t believe people will heckle me based on my size, I always prepare myself for the situation possibly arising. I suggest everyone have a plan of action in mind for different scenarios that could occur. As I have told others, “a prepared rider is a smart rider”!

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Question Of The Week 10-01-07 – 10-07-07

I have just updated Eye On Transit with this week’s “Question Of The Week”. The update also includes the result of last week’s question & changes to the poll archive page. This week’s question focuses on the L train & its recently released grade from the rider report card . With the overall grade being a C after being broken down into 21 categories, what do you think the L will grade out next year?

As always the poll will close down this Sunday at 11:59 p.m. EST so get your vote in by clicking here!

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MTA Increasing Emergency Training

The MTA’s New York City Transit division will be increasing emergency training this week. Employees from the agency’s commuter railroads & bus lines will receive their own increase in emergency training very soon. The training will be broken up into half day sessions which will include how to identify & report suspicious activities as well as deal with crisis situations.

The training sessions were prepared by various consultants from two different organizations. The two organizations responsible for the creation are “The National Transit Institute” (Rutgers University) & The E.A.I Corporation (Science Applications International Corporation).

MTA CEO Elliot Sander sees the importance in these training sessions & had this to say about them:

“The MTA’s front-line employees are both our first line of defense and our first responders in case of emergency. We have a responsibility to train our men and women for potential emergencies, and I believe this new course will help protect our entire system.”

Transport Workers Union Local 100 President Roger Toussaint had this to say about the upcoming training sessions:

“It’s heartening to see the MTA finally take a common-sense approach to terrorism in our transit system. For too long, we have stood by ourselves in demanding that transit workers are trained to react and respond to the dangers they face on the job every day. This initiative gives our members some of the tools they need to face the new reality of our transit system after 9/11.”

I know this is a long shot but I would love to see one big issue addressed at these sessions. The issue I would like to see addressed is the way transit photographers are treated. Every time I turn around, I am reading a story about a fellow transit photographer being harassed while legally partaking in the act of transit photography. I myself have been hassled a few times & have reported each incident. In my case I tend to have more issues with transit workers as to actual cops.

The fact is transit photography is legal within the system & even says as such within the MTA’s posted policies. While there are a few exceptions to the rule, they are of the obvious nature such as not using flash, tripods, etc… Most photographers I know did not break any of these rules but it did not stop them from being hassled & looked down upon by either cops or transit workers if not both.

The reason I am bringing this up now is because many like to look at transit photographers as suspicious or engaging in suspicious activities. The reality is many think what we do is weird although most are keeping to themselves & not causing any problems. Unfortunately this society is filled with many misguided individuals who think it is weird when someone does not partake in something that is considered to be status quo. I think this would be an excellent time to reintroduce employees to the fact that transit photography is legal & to stop reporting us.

Lets hope something good comes out of this for transit photographers although that might be asking for too much! In the mean time photographers keep shooting!

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NYC Taxi Drivers Dealt A Huge Blow

This past Friday, NYC taxi drivers were dealt a huge blow as a federal judge declined their request to have the installation of GPS units & credit card machines blocked. The drivers continue to feel that the city overstepped its boundaries by mandating the installation of both devices.

U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman is responsible for the huge blow that will most likely lead to another strike. According to Judge Berman, such technology which helps improve service for passengers outweighs the privacy rights of drivers. He wants to see both sides to negotiate & be prepared for the next hearing which is scheduled for October 10th.

The city was obviously happy with Judge Berman’s decision as the head of NYC’s law office Michael Cardozo had this to say: “satisfying legal victory — and a victory for all taxi passengers who will enjoy the benefits of these service improvements.” Taxi and Limousine Commissioner Matthew W. Daus chimed in about the ruling saying: “allows us to continue to advance and progress without distraction or delay.” The decision did not seem surprising considering Judge Berman was skeptical about the taxi drivers’ argument saying “It’s not a Mona Lisa painting. It’s a car.”

I have to question the attitude of Judge Berman & many others who are siding with the city on this issue. It is one thing to feel the need to have credit card & GPS units installed. It is a totally different ball game to walk around with the attitude that the privacy of your employees does not matter. Such thinking can never be considered a good thing in a country that is supposedly the land of the free. I guess to some privacy was not part of the deal!

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