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In yesterday’s edition of the New York Daily News, transit writer Pete Donohue wrote a story in his paper’s “Halt The Hike” series about a new alliance being formed between The Straphangers Campaign & The Working Families Party. The new alliance is named “Halt The Hike” & has debuted with a website which can be found by visiting HaltTheHike.org. Here is a small sample of what is on the website:

Working people need a subway they can afford, and New York needs a transit system that will unite our communities and support our economy. Students, seniors, employers, actors, government workers, big corporations, construction workers – all of us need affordable buses and trains.

The Legislature says it wants to save the fare. Good for them. But Governor Spitzer showed everyone who controls the MTA when he announced the base fare would remain at $2. To halt the hike for the LIRR and Metro-North, bridges and tunnels, and the other 86% of subway and bus trips taken with discount or unlimited Metrocards, Eliot Spitzer and Mike Bloomberg need to step up, reverse the MTA starvation policies of Pataki and Giuliani, and deliver badly needed state and city aid.

It’s up to everyone to pay for transit, not just riders – we need tax dollars to save the fare. We can win this fight. Join us as we petition, picket, leaflet, and fight to halt the hike!

While Governor Spitzer and the MTA have announced that they would hold the base fare at $2, the MTA still proposes fare increases for the 86% of subway and bus riders who use discount or unlimited Metrocards. LIRR and Metro North fares are also proposed to increase.

Let Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Spitzer know, Halt the Hike!

The first course of the action for the new alliance involved sending an e-mail blast urging 90,000 New Yorkers to speak out against the third set of fare increases since 2003. They also have an online petition that they plan to send to Mayor Bloomberg & Gov. Spitzer. I urge all of my readers to visit the site, bookmark it, & sign the petition!

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