As If One Fare Hike Was Not Enough……

If you thought the 2008 fare hike might be avoided, wake up! The MTA is already discussing additional fare hikes for 2010! According to MTA chief Elliot Sander “that is the plan” & “Again, that’s also why we have a public participation process, to see how the public feels about every two years staying even with the cost of living, rather than taking three to four years and having a larger increase.”

>r. Sander also stated that fare hikes in 2010 might not affect “each segment of our user group”. If this turns out to be the case, it would be similar to fare hikes that took place in 2005. The 2005 fare hike saw a 5% increase in commuter railroad fares while base bus & subway fares remain unchanged.

I think some sort of government oversight needs to be put in place. Why should straphangers be forced to deal with 2 fare hikes in a span of 4 years? What happens to all the money that the MTA brings in from fares, tolls (most important funding source) , advertising, real estate, etc….? It seems that every year or so we hear about a huge surplus. This talk is then followed up with “we might need to raise fares again” propaganda.

It is a shame how this agency continues to get away with bleeding straphangers dry while getting away with their financial miscues. A change needs to be made!!!!

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