Upcoming MTA Chairman Hesitant To Support Fare Hike

Add H. Dale Hemmerdinger to the list of influential people who do not support the MTA’s proposed fare hike! Who is he you ask? Well he is Gov. Elliot Spitzer’s appointee to replace Peter Kalikow as MTA Chairman. Here are some comments that he said at his recent confirmation in front of a state senate committee:

“The last thing I would want to do would be to vote for a fare increase. But if that’s required to keep the system running and to keep it running efficiently, affordably and safely, I will do that – with great reluctance.”

He was asked if he would postpone the scheduled December fare hike vote until April. The request to do this comes from legislators who think they can raise enough funds with a passed budget to offset the need for a fare hike. Unfortunately he did not commit either way saying “I don’t know enough to make that pledge.” He acknowledged that he is not totally up to date with all the nuances that make up the proposed fare hike. He vows to study all the alternatives & base his decision on the research he does.

Lets just hope that Mr. Hemmerdinger keeps his word as he could be key to preventing the much maligned proposed fare hike!

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