MTA Board Polling On Free Perks

This past Thursday, writers from Newsday contacted the 22 members who make up the MTA Board. The purpose of this contact was to conduct a poll on whether or not they favor the proposed restriction of use on  their free systemwide passes. Here is the report with the results courtesy of Newsday:

Newsday called the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board’s 22 members Thursday, asking if they favor a policy that restricts their use of free system wide passes. The change would allow the members to use the passes only while on official MTA business and would take away lifetime passes from former board members.

Of the 22 board members, six are nonvoting.

In favor of the restriction:

Chairman H. Dale .Hemmerdinger

Vice Chairman David S. Mack

John H. Banks III

Jeffrey A. Kay

Nancy Shevell

Against the restriction:

James L. McGovern (nonvoting)

James L. Sedore Jr.

Could not be reached:

Vice Chairman Andrew M. Saul

Andrew Albert (nonvoting)

James F. Blair (nonvoting)

Doreen M. Frasca

Mark D. Lebow

Mark Page

Norman I. Seabrook

Ed Watt (nonvoting)

Carl V. Wortendyke

Would not comment:

Donald Cecil

Susan G. Metzger

Vincent Tessitore (nonvoting)


Norman E. Brown (nonvoting)

Mitchell H. Pally

Francis H. Powers

Norman E. Brown

Quote: “You tell me what the rules are and I’ll play by them.”

James L. McGovern

Quote: “This was a nice way to just say a little thank you, and it doesn’t cost the ridership much at all.”

Mitch H. Pally

Quote: “I think the board should continue to have them, assuming they’re not illegal.”

James L. Sedore Jr.

Quote: “I am going to vote against giving the passes up. … I think for the most part, we work very hard.”

Francis H. Powers

Quote: “There is nothing illegal about what we did and what was done.”

This upcoming board meeting will sure have a lot on the agenda.

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